Tuesday 1 July 2014


Shane Gallagher works for his company Rockford Security Agency and is brought on board at S&D Systems to solve a security leak of high level information. He has a list of people that he is looking at. Elena Reyes is a loyal family girl. She is constantly helping her brother out of trouble as he is the favorite to her parents. The first born. The son. Elena works as a system analysis and she also knows Arnold Blake the supposed traitor that has died.

Elena manages to get herself into a little bit of a crises as her brother once again comes to her for aid. This time he has gotten involved with the worst kind of people and the only was for Elena to help him is for her to get the stolen disk.

I thought the author did a great job with this story. It is more than just a straight romance it also features a lot of mystery, suspense and action. Elena needs to turn to Shane to help her stay alive as they try to keep one step ahead of those that want to kill them. Who are the bad guys? Who can be trusted? And how do they keep getting closer and closer to them. At one point they are basically swimming away down the river trying to dodge the bullets.

The suspense is high as we wonder if Elena and Shane will ever really make it to safety. What will happen to her brother after the enemies manage to nab him to use for bait.

There also is that little bit of attraction between them. A romantic seed that needs to be acted upon. Elena was brought up very strictly by her parents and has not had any experience in romance. She is deeply attracted to him and yet not sure of what to do and how to act.  And what better time to get to know one another as you are hiding out from the world and running for your very life?

I found that this story easily held my attention. The action was very fast moving. Their lives were in jeopardy the whole time and I was always questioning who they could finally trust. You must read yourself to answer the questions and find out if they do get their happy ever after and what cost they need to pay.


There is a spy in S&D systems who is leaking top-secret information that could lead to extreme disaster. It's up to Shane Gallagher to uncover the mole and set things right.

Systems analyst Elena Reyes had no intention of stealing company secrets until her brother's life was threatened by the cruelest of mobsters. When Elena finally confesses her deeds to Shane, he's ready to do everything he can to keep her out of danger. But will Shane's help be enough to protect them, or will his good intentions leave them all for dead?

Elena had never thought about seducIng a man. She wasn’t even sure of her moves. But she knew that Shane wanted her, even if he wasn’t prepared to admit it. She also knew he felt protective of her, which was probably part of the conflict he must be feeling.

Before he could come up with another objection, she cupped the back of his head with her hands and brought his face down as she raised her own head toward him.

She hadn’t been sure what would happen. Or perhaps she’d been afraid that he’d wrench himself away from her. But the danger must have affected his emotions as well as her own. When their lips met, it was as though someone had tossed a match into a pile of gasoline- soaked kindling. Invisible flames rose as heat flared between them.

She heard him growl her name and felt him gather her closer as he kissed her with purpose, running his hands up and down her back.

The heat coming off him made her dizzy. She should be afraid, but she kept kissing him, letting him feel all the passion that she’d held inside herself for so long.

Opening her lips, she invited him to explore her mouth, then did the same with him, absorbing his taste and the way the mouth-to-mouth contact sent shock waves to every part of her body. 

"You know that you’re playing with fire?” he asked.

“I know what I want.”

“Then take off your clothes.”

Again, a dose of reality. Was she ready to get undressed in front of him? Or was she going to back away—the way he hoped she would.

She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of scaring her off. Not because she was trying to score any points, but because what she wanted hadn’t changed, even if he was trying to make her take a step back.

She did step back, but only a few feet. She kept her gaze on him as she reached for the hem of the T-shirt and pulled it over her head, then let it drop on the floor so that she stood before him naked to the waist…

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