Monday 28 July 2014

22570767Without Hesitation
This story was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review by We Love Kink.
C.J. Azevedo writes a beautiful love story. This is the third in the Without Series and I confess I feel the urge to read the first two now. Let me tell you why I believe this was a great book. Their love is real and long lasting, sometimes books condense too much stuff in too sort a time period, here, not the case- Macie and Greyden have been in love for years. It was also true to life- these were so honest emotions and believable conflicts that they were facing. Secondary characters- there were plenty of these and they played a large role in the story, I loved it. I believe that these characters help to make the story and certainly are responsible in creating the characters that we love.
I digress; let me tell you a bit about the book, Macie and Greyden have known each other for years, since she was a pre-teenager. He gave her first kiss a fourteen so it would be memorable and her first bikini to help her fit in with the “in” crowd. Over the years they would experience many more firsts together and could always be counted on to be there for one another. But something always interfered when Macie wanted to get serious. She wants to build a life, she wants family and children and this is something that he is not prepared for at the moment. Macie realizes that maybe if she wants these things that it can not be with Greyden. It is a heartbreaking decision for her but she decides to move on.
What happens next will change the lives of many. It will certainly put things into perspective as all characters needs to reassess what is important to them and what matters the most. A true tear jerker at times and then at others we almost feel the need to shake some sense into people. Please read to find out what I am talking about.

I would definitely give this story a 5/5.

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