Friday 25 July 2014


Skye Callahan

This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review, after I begged and begged and begged. Down on my hands and knees, I just knew that I needed to read this story. It was calling out to the inner darkness in me.

Silver is the name that she chose to call herself after she is kidnapped. She knew that her previous life would be no more and she wanted to be know as more than just a number. Drugged one night at a bar she soon finds herself in a situation worse than any nightmare. During a struggle to avoid a gang rape she is saved by Kirk, well saved is a very nice word as she finds herself in the position of being his personal sex slave.

The rules are simple, obey and you can live.

This is so very hard for Silver as she struggles with every aspect of captivity and finds herself being punished over and over again. There are very degrees of humiliation that he using including frequent butt plug insertion, crawling and being naked. There are also physical beatings that were heartbreaking.

After a period of time “I had yet to accept never being free again. But there would be a certain level of freedom in submitting to Kirk.”

I loved loved loved this story. Silver is so very strong, she mentally battles everyday to keep true to herself. I found myself alternating between wishing she would continue to fight or submit and have an easier life. The sadistical enjoyment that these men got from enjoying the total submission of their women was certainly captivating to read. The author took us on a different journey every time the men got together. Each page was fresh and attention gripping. There are certain characters that draw you in and make you feel for them and others that you wish that you could just destroy as they affect you strongly in a negative way. I suppose that is true for all such organizations as this one.

I found the author was able to keep my attention, no, not only that but she was able to make me tune out everything else going on because I needed to continue and finish this story. I would give it a 5/5 and would certainly go higher if able. It had all the elements of a great dark read. Some darkness including definite non-consent, kinky sex, voyeurism, some voluntary sex and of course the age old fight of good vs. evil. I would definitely read more by this author and recommend this story to all that are willing to go a little bit into the darker side of romance.

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