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Olivia Rigal
I was gifted this story in exchange for an honest review by We Love Kink.

This story will pull on your heart strings as Lyv grows up and learns some really hard lessons. The first part takes place in 1978 and gives some background story for Lyv and her best friend Ten. He was from a rich family in the Hamptons and Lyv’s mom always lets her hang out with him because of his familial connections. Other than that her mother is very strict. These two are best friends, more like siblings and spend vast amounts of time together. In one gathering she is introduced to Alexander and she experiences her first crush, her first kiss and then some more firsts as well. This relationship creates on dilemma after another and puts into motions events that will be long lasting and certainly life changing, not only for Lyv but her family as well.

Alexander is in a band and leaves to go on tour leaving a heartbroken Lyv behind. Being the popular rock star that his in and in typical young male fashion he does not call or write but expects her to be waiting when he returns. They do manage to spend time together until again he leaves on tour and leaves her behind.

Thank God for Ten, he is there to pick up the pieces and be a true friend to her. He holds her hand and her heart as together they decide on the best course of action.

Even though this story was set back in the late 1970’s the story it told was still very powerful, the crisis’s that Lyv faced could easily be faced by a teenager today and the way that her parent’s dealt with it was certainly heartbreaking and anger inspiring. This young girl puts so much hope and love into her relationships with both Alex and Ten, she is wise and strong beyond her years. She grows up so very fast after being torn apart by what she experiences. Ten is a amazing person to be there for you.

I would recommend this story to all age groups as it will touch everyone. Make sure that you have Kleenex ready as it is certainly a heart tugger. It makes you appreciate both your parents and your children. I would rate it a 5/5. Olivia Rigal certainly has a very powerful way with words.


Then Came You

Jill Shalvis

This was book number 5 in the Animal Magnetism Series, each a sweet love story involving a side dose of animals. Always very well done and this one was certainly true to form.

Emily Stevens has just finished Vet school and is so close to her dream job of practicing in LA, it has been all that she has been thinking about. However, a little rip in the plans and she finds herself in Sunshine Idaho for a year working out the obiligations from her scholarship.

Dr. Wyatt Stone is the other vet on staff. Wearing his country clothes of boots and jeans he instantly clashed with Emily in her designer suit. But the animals must come first. Emily finds herself delivering a baby sheep her first day. Not sure if the dry-cleaning can help that suit.

After a rough start things start to look better for Emily and Wyatt as they begin a romantic relationship. Emily carries around a calendar in her purse counting down the days until she can more her dream job in LA a reality.

This story will appeal to all for some many reasons, first of course the chemistry and the romance between Emily and Wyatt is smoking. I loved how she becomes a little bit more relaxed and country as she begins to settle in. I also enjoyed his sisters Zoe and Darcy. I loved the amount of background given on them and thought they contribuated greatly to the story. Emily also lives with her sister Sara.

There is romance, some mysterious neighbours, loving and arguing siblings and plenty of stray animals to love. I thought this book was fast paced and very easy to read. It captured my interest from the first page straight through to the last. I think it would appeal to all age groups and for anyone that simply loves to read a great story. 5/5.

Training Their Mate (Pack Wars Book 1)

Vella Day

Liz Wharton has suffered a lot in her young life because of one man Harvey Couch. He is responsible for raping her mother, her parent’s divorce and then her mother’s suicide. Liz wants to kill him. She tries but does not succeed. Seems evil Mr. Couch is a werewolf and not a very nice one at that. Now the evil werewolf wants revenge. He wants to kill her.

She manages to attract the attention of brother Trax and Dante Field after an attempt on her life. These are the good guys. They spend their life hunting down the evil rogue werewolves and killing them. One look and Liz though and their lives take a dramatic and life altering turn. She is the ONE; she is to be their mate.

They convince her to come home with them, to keep her safe, to get to know her a little bit better. Dante is sweet and loving. Trax is more thought provoking, more serious and definitely a neat freak. Separately they set out to win her. Dante showing her sweet loving and Trax introducing her to their play room tying her up, spanking her using nipple clamps and butt plugs. She is in so much lust, she is on top of the world but surely she can’t stay here forever.

There is bound to be more conflict, Couch is still out there. There is a tiny little detail that has not been addressed yet. She does not realize that they too are werewolves. They have been keeping this very vital bit of information from them.

I thought this story was smoking hot. I love werewolf stories and with two werewolves in this on it was double loving for me. I thought the sex scenes were perfect. I liked how the brothers were complete opposite and spent time with her individually before taking her together. The love that they had for her was evident as their primary goal was strictly to see to her pleasure, to make her experience the best it could be.

I enjoyed meeting the rest of the team and seeing the interaction and instant attraction to her friend Chelsea. The cliffhanging ending was certainly jaw dropping. I would give this story a 5/5 and definitely looking forward to the next one.

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 KING By Jamie Begley

 Release Day Blast

Congrats to Jamie Belgey

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The Inner Room

Claire Thompsom

This story was gifted to me for an honest review by We Love Kink.
Dr. Marisa Roberts longs to be part of the BDSM society. Her best friend Dana and husband Tony live the lifestyle and Marisa finds herself listening to stories with more than curiosity, with longing. She frequently watched videos on her laptop at work.
She ventures to a club one night as Dana and Tony's guest and is overwhelmed with what she sees. She lets Tony spank her and journeys into sub space.
She is able to join the club after an assessment with a trainer. She waits for him naked, he is a nurse from the hospital. Cam Wilder. The attraction is swift and deep, he flogs her to an orgasm.
He shows her things and lets her experience all that she has been longing for. In true Claire Thompson style we get to read about many different implements- St Andrew's cross, whips, paddles, floggers and even some extensive pulley and chains attatched to the ceiling.
I thougth this book was very well written. It spoke to the hidden submissive in me and I was able to greedily soak up every word. I would rate this story a 5/5. The story line was fast moving, the characters were likable, the sex was hot, this story covered all the bases. I look forward to reading more by this author

“You know you work for me, right?”

“Listen, lady”—red spiraled across his high cheekbones—“you hired me to bounce problems, which I can’t do if your sweet ass is in the way.”

Was that a fact? She took a deep breath and settled on the only solution other

than kicking him in the shin. “You’re fired.”

Both of his eyebrows shot up. “Excuse me?”

Satisfaction tilted her chin. Not much probably surprised Matt Dean. “You’re fired.” As an exit line, it nailed the situation. Unfortunately, the toned soldier stood between her and the door. Just who the hell did he think he was? “Now move your sweet ass.”

He slipped his hands into his pockets and leaned back against the door. As a move, it was intimidating. “Why am I fired?”

“You leave much to be desired as an employee.” She eyed him, assessing the situation. Nope. The guy might be commanding, but she wasn’t scared. He wouldn’t hurt her. “All you’ve done since being hired is flirt with customers, order me around, and kiss me.”

His chin lowered. “Which of those items is pissing you off the most?”

She narrowed her eyes as heat spiraled through her abdomen. “You can flirt with any dumb bimbo you want, and frankly, the kisses were all right. But ordering me around? Not a chance.”

“All right? The kisses were all right?”

Figured the man would focus on that. She forced herself to lift a shoulder. “Eh.”

His cheek creased, and his eyes warmed. “Maybe we should try again, then. See if I can do better.”

“No.” The spit in her mouth dried up. She hadn’t meant to challenge him… had she? “I don’t, ah, kiss fired employees.”

“So that leaves Smitty.” Matt grinned.

“Very funny.” The tension slowly drained from her muscles in response to his instant humor.

He exhaled slowly. “Listen, I’m sorry if I scared you.”

“You didn’t.”

“I’m also sorry if I was too bossy.” He rubbed a hand through his hair. “It’s just, after being in combat, orders come naturally. Seeing you, somebody so small near danger… well, it hits triggers. All sorts of triggers.”

She could handle him bossy or charming. But sweet and honest? She shook her head and gestured toward his hard body. “You’re just… too much.”

He chuckled. “If you give me another chance, I promise I’ll tone it down. All of it.”

She’d be a fool to let this guy get close, but she knew better than to make a snap decision based on one moment or one emotion.

She studied him. Earnest eyes, relaxed shoulders, apologetic half smile. If he was working her, he was damn good at it.

Yeah, she liked him. Not only the look of him, but the self-effacing humor and ease of saying he was wrong. Most Alpha guys like him never admitted to being wrong. He’d had no problem with it.

Plus, she needed a bouncer, and he could certainly bounce. The tickle at the nape of her neck promised something bad was coming, and facing it with a guy who wanted to protect her? Probably not a bad idea, so long as he understood the rules. While she wanted to convince herself she was making a business decision, there was no doubt her feelings for him went beyond personal. But she could handle her own emotions. “Fine. One more chance, but if you order me around again, you’re out of here.”

“Fair enough.” He opened the door.

Heat brushed her as she moved past him. “If I ever get lost in a snowstorm, I hope you’re there,” she muttered under her breath. The guy cascaded warmth.

“Huh?” Matt asked as he shut the door.

“Nothing.” She shook her head and headed back to the bar to get to work. What would life be like if she could flirt a little and even hope for a future? One with a husband and even kids? But there were no kids in her future.

She plastered on a smile and began helping Smitty with drinks. The weekend chef manned the kitchen to prepare bar food, so she didn’t need to cook that night.

The evening slid into closing time, and she shut the outside door with a sigh of relief. As usual, she double-checked the door locks and extra stoppers placed into the floor. The bikers had filled her till as well as the tip jars. “It was a good night.” She smiled as she tossed a bar rag toward Smitty.

He caught it and grinned, lines fanning out from his bloodshot eyes. “Cleanup was quick. Ready for inventory?”

“No.” She jerked her head toward the kitchen. “We’re done for the night and will do inventory another time. Go home and get some rest since tomorrow night will be busier than tonight, probably.”

He finished wiping down the bar. “You do look tired, boss. Feeling all right?”

“I’m fine.” The flush filling her face resulted from Matt’s loping in from the kitchen and not from any illness. “I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.”

“Good enough.” Smitty nodded to Matt on his way out. “Night, all.”

“Night.” Matt crossed broad arms. “Did I hear something about inventory?”

“Yes. I’ve got it.” She reached under the bar for a notebook. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

His smile was slow and way too sexy. “We could get it done in half the time if we worked together.”

Well, at least he’d stopped issuing orders. She studied him for a moment. While she felt like she could sleep for a week, he looked up for running a few miles. Her eyes were gritty and her neck already ached, promising a headache would soon arrive. With her efforts in becoming part of the town and trying to learn how to make friends, she’d been working on accepting assistance and not being so alone. She really could use the help tonight, stubbornness aside. “Okay. Follow me to the storeroom.”

A small room with a sexy ex-marine after midnight? What could possibly go wrong?

Monday 23 June 2014

Hell’s Kitty (Welcome to Hell)

Eve Langlais

This is the fourth story in the Welcome to Hell series and in true Eve Langlais style it was a great read. Full of imagination. We had gotten to know some of these characters before and it was great to be reconnected again.

Felipe is always getting into trouble and this time Lucifer has a little bit of an interesting assignment as a punishment for him. He needs to go to Siren’s Isle and bring back the siren Jenny. Now she is being raised by her foster aunts and is not your regular siren. As a matter of fact when she signs she manages to kill things as her voice is terrible. She was born to a mermaid mother who abandoned her because she did not have a tail. Poor Jenny is a misfit.

Now this job is not going easy for Felipe because as much as Lucifer wants her forces out there want to keep her away and there are many battles along the journey. Including some scary undines, a large cyclone and some hungry sea creatures.

Felipe and Jenny make some new friends and allies but meet many enemies and are even reunited with a very old enemy.

The sexual tension is instantaneous and explosive between them. We, the reader are anxious to see their relationship consummated.

Now Eve Langlais can tell a great story and this one has all the necessary parts. There is romance, action and some mystery as the battles pose many questions as to the future of the two new love birds and what is the destiny of Jenny.

I would rate this story a 5/5

Sunday 22 June 2014



Ryan Ringbloom

This is the second story that I have read by this author. The first "Flaw" I found absolutely riveting and I was anxious to get started on this one.

Kent and Robin were a couple a few years back but due to Robin getting spooked and leaving town they have not seen each other in a bit. The wedding of Ashley and Patrick brings them back in each other’s lives again.

Now during their time apart it seems that Miss Robin was not having an easy time of it. She fought the fight with cancer. She did win but at a cost. A terrible cost in her mind. She can no longer conceive or carry a child and this she believes makes her unworthy of lover.

"I can no longer give Kent perfect."

Good thing Kent doesn’t want perfect, he wants Robin. The rest of their lives will fall into place as long as they have one another. It is a hard sell for Robin is stubborn and so very filled with self doubt. After seeing a gay couple with their daughter she realizes that not all families are made the traditional way, that maybe love could conquer all.

Shayna is an eighteen year old girl that has taken the bus to Florida to live with her cousin . Unfortunately she is more concerned with her boyfriend and a lonely Shayna spends an unforgettable evening with Bailey that results in a pregnancy. She thus begins a heart wrenching nine month jouney. Working as many hours as possible to afford her tiny empty apartment and scared to death about how to raise a child.

I can’t say enough about how strong this girl was, with all that live kept throwing her she still kept on going. She had me feeling for her from the first page and absolutely bawling by the last page. She had a tremendous character.

Ryan Ringbloom does an amazing job of telling the adoption story from both sides, but Shayna’s story and her strength was awe inspiring. It was written with amazing insight and tremendous depth of feeling. I would rate this story a 5/5, higher if I possibly could. I think it is a perfect love story for all ages. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

Thursday 19 June 2014

Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel

Nina G. Jones.

It was a really good story, with an easy to follow plot, the characters were easy to love and the sex scenes were smoking, what else could you possibly ask for.

Sadie is working for her dream boss, as a personal chef to a NBA star when he gets traded and this leaves her at loose ends. She quickly finds another position with playboy Heath Hillabrand, a gorgeous superstar model. He is a typical wealthy man, he knows he is hot and plays on it, sleeping with whoever he wants, whenever he wants, the world is open to him.

Soon after she starts, he is involved in a serious car accident, one that puts his career on hold, and amazingly enough also dries up his sex life, Sadie is the only one available to take care of him. And he needs a lot of care.

She begins to see him in a new light, starting to get to know the person that he really is deep down. He tries to get her to loosen up, to live life a little bit more, not to be so serious.

This story had the sexual tension cranking all the way through, these two were great to read about, this has the reader quickly turning pages to find out when they are going to succumb to the heat they are generating. It will be interesting to see who breaks first, the responsible on or the horny guy. 

The secondary charters add a lot to the story from her friend Mindy, who is always there for her and his ex-lover Illy who always is willing for an encore.

This story makes for a great read if romance is your favorite genre as it is mine, the characters are nicely fleshed out, the story line is hot and steamy and the plot moves along at a good speed making me turn the pages in order to find out more. This was the first time reading a story by this author and I would definately go back for an encore. I would rate this a 4/5.
Bianca Sommerland's Newest Release

Iron Cross-The Dartmouth Cobras

Join me in wishing her a Happy Release Day!!!

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Original Review Posted On We Love Kink

This is the final part of the Thyme Trilogy and I have to say WOW what a journey this has been. It has been an emotional roller coaster for me, I mean who cares about what the characters were going throught! We met Miranda/Mia in Buying Thyme when she was an upscale call girl struggling between her attraction to two men, Joe Tench the crime boss and supposed millionaire Tom Smythe.

In book two Making Thyme Miranda/Mia gets a job makeover courtesty of her brother and Tom Smythe who is really Australian FBI agent Nick Davis. Her job of course, is to bring down Tom Smythe. This was an action packed story as they race against time to do this. Tom and Mia fall hopelessly in love as they work closely together. Unfortunately Tom is fatally injured in a training exercise and Mia must face life without him.

Keeping Thyme is the continuation of her efforts to bring down Joe Tench, she embeds herself into his life, moving in with him, sleeping with him and planting bugs everwhere she can for the FBI. She thought this was going to be easy, but she has deep feelings for Joe. He has dominating sexual desires and this calls out to the submissive in her. They have frequent hot and steamy sex, they are always together and he is totally infatuated with her. He is in love with her. He gets a tattoo " Alis volat propiis." meaning "she flies with her own wings" in honor of her. There is a familiarity about the house and the bedroom that calls out to her, she belongs there.

And then, "Will you be my wife?"

Good vs evil, does Mia have the inner strength to complete the mission, to bring down the notorious crime boss Joe Trench, he is of course an evil man, he is involved in evil activities. Bringing him down would be the best for man kind, we just have to hope that her pesky emotions don't get in the way and her large diamond doesn't weigh her hands and thoughts down.

The ending totally caught me off guard, it went in directions that I did not see coming. I loved the first book, was okay with the second but I must say that the third was the best. I would definately rated this series a 5/5 and recommend to all romance and crime readers out there!

Thursday 12 June 2014

Jase (Men of Steel, #1)


Book 1, Men of Steel.

Carly has led a sheltered life. She is still a virgin. She is hanging out with her brother Cameron and cousin Abe for the summer when she meets bad boy Jase. He awakens feelings in her that are new and exciting. Jase has his nipple pierced, tattoos and a Prince Albert. It takes a while for her to find out what that exactly is, and provides many a blushed cheek.

Carly goes away to college in the fall and they begin a long distance telephone romance. He does manage to go down there for Thanksgiving and they spend an amazing night together, stopping just before having sex. He meets her mom and her friends in the book club. But the next morning some devastating news has him rushing back home and ending things with her.

This begins the roller coaster of their two lives. Jase has other priorities now but still makes time to talk to Carly on the phone. She spends time with her friend Brad but her heart still belongs to Chase.

Circumstances throw them together time and again and it will be interesting if they succumb to the sexual tension between them. Will the other people in his life prove to be too demanding of Jase's time? Will Carly find peace with her estranged father? Will the feelings that they have for one another be strong enough to withstand all these obstacles and allow them to consumate their love.

I loved how innocent Carly was but then found the strength to be strong and carry on whe she was dealt some harsh blows. She really believes in her love for Jase but also realizes that her emotional well being is equally important. Jase's love for his family and his desire to live up to his responsiblities makes him an amazing person. I am hoping for a happy ever after for these two and am looking forward to reading more about them. I would rate this story a 4/5.



I thought the story synopsis was captivating, the cover art was eye catching, I thought it would be a short quick easy read. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It was an amazing read, one that I wanted to continue so that I could savour it longer. It is a story that revolves around four people, somewhat friends.

Josh becomes Aidan's new roomate. Josh is a spoiled rich boy whose Mommy loads his new fridge with food and washes his clothes every weekend, and Daddy pays the rent. He has moved out of his parents house but only barely. He is a one night stand guy, the kind that gives a girl the woring phone number and a fake name. Aidan has a nasty facial scar and is quite house bound. He opens up to only one person. His best friend Becca who lives across the hall. With her pink hair, piercings and tattoos this stuggling student is Aidan's whole world. They love each other desparately, like siblings would. Perfect Jordyn belongs in Josh's world, from well to do parents and placed high in society. She encourages Aidan to volunteer at the local hospital a masked prince to her princess. She brings out feelings in him that he never thought to feel again. He makes her feel things as well, more than the perfect bottled up emotions that have identified her for so long.

Soon Josh and Becca dance around with feelings for each other as well. But Becca knows that Josh is a consumate playboy and she is not willing to but her heart on the line. Becca is everything that he has ever wanted and nothing that he has ever had before, she is real.

This story bounces back and forth between all these characters. It was extremely well written and I became so engrossed in everyone that I hated when the story lined changed, I could not decide who I loved the most, who I wanted to end up with whom. I was confused, I was overwhelmed, I was really enjoying this story. The characters are all so very different and each of them bring their own uniqueness to the plot line. They are all important in an equal way. I would love to read more by this author and would recommend to all romance readers or even those that just like a beautiful story. A 5/5 for sure.

Sunday 8 June 2014


My Review

This is the second novel in The Breeder Series. It runs true to Cara Bristol style, funky alien story line, amazing plot line and lots of hot sex.

Tara works at a textile booth in the local market and it is here that she is discovered by Marlix as he is buying some of her special fabric to use for new uniforms. After she is accosted by others and hurt in an attempted gang rape attempt, Marlix literally picks her up and takes her away. He holds her captive in order to heal her, and of course because he finds himself attracted to her.

I loved him dominant attitude and how he does not hesitate to discipline her is she gets out of line.

Not only is this story a really good love story but there is a lot of political back ground story going on as well. We learned a bit about the planet's history and problems in Breeder and it was interesting to see how it was expanded on in this story.

Not wanting to give more of the story line away but I will say that Alpha Marlix and his beta Urazi's whole life and the way that they live will be changed once Tara becomes part of their lives. Their views on others in society will also not only be challanged but possibly their whole outlook on other races will be subject to change. The world as they know is on the verge of change and war is imminent. It will take a whole lot of smarts and some very intelligent thinking to bring about peace.

I very much enjoyed reading both of these stories. I find that Cara Bristol has a great imagination and her stories are very easy to read. She captivates me from page one. I would rate this story a 4.5/5.

Thoughts on the book by the author, herself, Cara Bristol

Terran: When aliens take control.....

By Cara Bristol

Sometims what I know about the books I write isn't as significant as what my characters do on their own.
When I conceived the idea Terran, The second book in the Breeder sci-fi romance, I alread had the heroine and hero
picked out. I'd introduced them in the first book: Tara Diehl, a pink-haired vendor in the Terran Bazarr of the Parseon Market, and Marlix, a pseudo villian who hates the Earth people and wishes they'd all return to their planet.

But I knew that Marlix wasn't the bad guy he's believed him to be.

I knew that the alien Parseon society needed to progress toward the grand finale I have in mind for book three (Warrior).

I knew that Tara would be injured and would convalesce at Marlix's underground bunker home. (This would be a major plot point that would allow the hero and heroine to draw closer together.)

What I didn't know was how to get Tara to Marlix's domicile.
By what means would a lowly female Terran vendor end up at the home of one of the five ruling Alpha's? This would be
like grocery store checker being installed in the Lincoln bedroom of the White House.

In typical pantser-fashion, I decided to wing it and started writing the book without having this tiny detail settled. I set up the meeting between Marlix and Tara. She sells bullet-proof material. He wants it for uniforms to protect his personal gurard force, but he loathes having to deal with a Terrna-particularly a female one.

But when he meets Tara, to his surprise, he's attracted to her. He finds her amusing.

And when stuff happens (you'll have to read the book to find out what). Tara is injured.

And Marlix kidnaps her!

I had no idea he was going to do that. I should have. It makes perfect sense. He's an Alpha Commander with a strong sense of entitlement. As he tells Tara, " I win. Always." When he sees what he wants, he takes it.

And that's how Terran becomes a capture romance.

Maybe I should have given Marlix co-author credit.

Thursday 5 June 2014


I’d do anything to keep my mother alive.

Anything, including ask Ian Kerr for help. I don’t know much about him, except that he has more money than some small countries. And he’s willing to spend it on me. Just one catch: there’s a string attached, and not just the one I feel pulling me into his arms and his bed. There’s also the plan for revenge he wants my help with.

Every time he says my name, it makes my body shiver and my heart stutter. I know he’s going to wreck me, know there won’t be anything left of me but lust and sensation by the time he’s done with me, but even though I can see the heartbreak coming towards me like a train, ready to crash into me, I can’t get out of the way. I want what he makes me feel. Want what he’s offering.

This may have started out as something to save my mother, but now…now it’s about what he makes me feel. I’m in danger of losing everything that’s important. Worse? Ian's whispered words and hot caresses are making me believe that's okay


This is the second story that I have read by Jen Frederick and I must say that her writing just keeps getting better. This was a riveting story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I needed to stay up into the wee hours so that I could read it all. And then I learn there will be more. A part two. Pulling my hair out.

"I'd do anything to keep my mother alive."

Sure we all say things like that, even believe it, but I wonder how far many of us would be willing to go. Cancer was killing Sophie Corielli and that was the pledge that her daughter Victoria "Tiny" was making. She is serious in her statement. She gives up her apartment to move into her mother and is working two jobs as a bicycle delivery person to make ends meet. When that does not cover all the bills, she enlists the help of her step-brother Malcolm who has her delivering less than ideal packages.

During one of these deliveries she meets Ian Kerr, a millionaire that is in needs of some special help. A mystery. He won't divuldge exactly what he needs help with. But the attraction between them is there. He helps with her mother, takes them to the zoo, takes them to lunch and arranges for a new apartment.

Victoria finds herself willing to do anything and everything for this man. Her mother is calm and happy. She is very heated just being near him. But, that is not exactly the job that he had in mind. he wants something a little more interesting, help per se in a business deal.

This story had me eagerly turning pages to experience the progression in the romance between Victoria and Ian. I loved his character, he was so charming, and sure of himself. I also laughed at his body guard Steve, he was such an added bonus, always there, always glaring at someone. Victoria has such a heart of gold and cares deeply for her mother, basically making her the centre of her life during her illness. I just loved everyone in this book, even slimey Malcolm.

While I hated the fact that there is a part two, I loved the fact that I get to read more. I would rate this story a 5/5.

Wednesday 4 June 2014

One night…one fantasy for hire…one sizzling case of mistaken identity.
Ainsley Simmons can hardly believe she’s ordered a fantasy lover online — a man to fulfill her deepest sexual desires for the entire evening. She’s in for a surprise when sexy young Mr. M. shows up at her door in a classic case of mistaken identity.
Ainsley has the night of her life being pleasured by the much younger and demanding multi-millionaire — until she
Discovers he’s not her fantasy lover after all.He’s even better than that.


Platinum Pleasures

Ainsley Simons has decided not to spen Valentine's Day alone. Her intended date- a date ordered through Fantasy Inc. a date to top all others, a date to make all her late night fantasies a reality.

Marcus Roarke is the CEO of Platinum Pleasures and it called upon to deliver a package one evening as a favour. Interestingly enough he shows up at Ainsley's place, a half dressed Ainsley answers the door, and proceeds to seduce him. Not that he puts up any effort. He is more than happy to go along for the ride, and what a ride it turns out to be. Ainsley desire for a hot night of passion is met dead on and then some.

The attraction between the two of them is instant and combustable. They experiment with some light bondage, he asserts some dominant control and they have romp after romp all through the night. She is enjoying her fantasy to the fullest. Until she realizes that he is not who she thought. Oops.

Unable to deny their attraction for one another they need to decide if they are relationship material. There is an age difference, he is a widower and she has some commitment issues. But oh my, they are hot between the sheets as they delve deeper into bondage and experiment with some spanking.

This story may be a quick read but it does certainly pack a good punch in those pages. It is able to have an awesome beginning that makes us laugh and also blush. It builds these characters up and makes us really attatched to them. I was rooting for a happy ending in between all the blushing. Those sex scenes were dynamite. I would rate this story a 5/5.

Sunday 1 June 2014

Escaped Artist

(Untamed Series #3)

This story was given to me in exchange for an hones review.

I thoroughly enjoyed Untamed and Out Of Control. I found the writing to be riveting and very easy to enjoy. These were real people in this story that are not perfect and are struggling to find their niche in life. For Reagan she is actually trying to find herself.

Out of Control has Dare leaving town after witnessing Archer propose to Ree. Amazingly Reagan stands up to her parents this time and takes control of her life and her destiny.

Now she just needs to find Dare again, in Amsterdam. Dare has been working as a tattoo artist and this is where she finds him by chance on night as she attempts to get her Phoenix, her personal talisman tattooed on herself. This she thinks will prove to Dare how serious she is about him and only him. They are unable to deny the love they have for one another.This is where the writing turns brillian, we know that Ree has issues with alcohol and prescription drugs. Now Dare is taking control to help her deal with this problem and the issues behind it. These are very touching scenes as Dare's Mom has been battling addiction for years.

Finally it looks like thing might be turning around for this couple. They are both happy. They are together, in the same city, their connection on the bed sheets is both frequent and combustable. They are both thriving, Ree has dealt with her demons, she is finally clean and Dare is getting the itch to paint again.

But wait, more trouble is on the horizon, I am sure the Daddy Dearest must be behind it again. This time it is Dare's past that is threatening to cause havoc. Will it be able to? We are once again left with an amazing end that had me pulling hair out. Evilness. A 5/5 again. Awesoness.