Sunday 29 June 2014



Olivia Rigal
I was gifted this story in exchange for an honest review by We Love Kink.

This story will pull on your heart strings as Lyv grows up and learns some really hard lessons. The first part takes place in 1978 and gives some background story for Lyv and her best friend Ten. He was from a rich family in the Hamptons and Lyv’s mom always lets her hang out with him because of his familial connections. Other than that her mother is very strict. These two are best friends, more like siblings and spend vast amounts of time together. In one gathering she is introduced to Alexander and she experiences her first crush, her first kiss and then some more firsts as well. This relationship creates on dilemma after another and puts into motions events that will be long lasting and certainly life changing, not only for Lyv but her family as well.

Alexander is in a band and leaves to go on tour leaving a heartbroken Lyv behind. Being the popular rock star that his in and in typical young male fashion he does not call or write but expects her to be waiting when he returns. They do manage to spend time together until again he leaves on tour and leaves her behind.

Thank God for Ten, he is there to pick up the pieces and be a true friend to her. He holds her hand and her heart as together they decide on the best course of action.

Even though this story was set back in the late 1970’s the story it told was still very powerful, the crisis’s that Lyv faced could easily be faced by a teenager today and the way that her parent’s dealt with it was certainly heartbreaking and anger inspiring. This young girl puts so much hope and love into her relationships with both Alex and Ten, she is wise and strong beyond her years. She grows up so very fast after being torn apart by what she experiences. Ten is a amazing person to be there for you.

I would recommend this story to all age groups as it will touch everyone. Make sure that you have Kleenex ready as it is certainly a heart tugger. It makes you appreciate both your parents and your children. I would rate it a 5/5. Olivia Rigal certainly has a very powerful way with words.


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