Wednesday 9 July 2014

King (The VIP Room Book #3)

by:Jamie Begley

I usually start off a review by acknowledging that the author supplied the ARC but not in this case, nope, I wanted to read it so badly that I bought it. Yep, some authors you just love so much that you have to buy everything that they write. Jamie Begley is one of those. I have never been disappointed. All of her books, this one included rank up in the 5/5 ratings. I mean they have it all, a great set of characters, an amazing story line and lots of wild and crazy sex.

This is King’s turn. I must be honest, he has not been my favourite character before. Kind of stand offish, a criminal bad guy and just kind of creepy for my liking. This was his time to shine. His true character comes out in spades. He is eager for a life with Evie and does whatever he needs to in order to make her see him as a real person. The sex between them gets off to a shaky start, she does not really like him but finds herself attracted to him never the less. He keeps at her and slowly they begin a relationship.He is honest in his attraction to her and makes changes in his life to keep her. She has always been part of the group and it is hard for her to love only one man. He makes it worth her while in so many different ways and as always the sex is constant and steamy.

It was great to see the other characters that we have grown to love make an appearance and also we watched as King struggles to find the balance in his life with his daughter and accept who she is and who she loves. There is bound to be drama and intrigue and danger and theses elements just add to the overall enjoyment of the story.

I look forward to reading more by this author and would recommend her to all romance lovers.

Tasty Book Tours Q&A with Jamie Begley

Author of New Release, KING

~Jamie, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with one of your biggest fans (me, of course) about your New Release, KING (VIP Room #3). So, was KING originally planned to have his own book, or was it just an “Aha” moment?

When I came up with the idea of the VIP series, I always intended to do a book on King.”

~Why Evie for his heroine?

Because she my favorite woman Last Rider. She’s loyal to the men, and the men are to her. Yes, they share sex and enjoy it but it’s about more than that. They have each other’s back, they will always be there for each other.”

~KING definitely has some emotional moments, which was the hardest for you to write?

The hardest moment was when she stepped in front of King when she was afraid he was going to be shot. In that moment she chose between The Last Riders and King.”

~Be honest, in a fist fight, who would win, King or Shade?

Jeez put me on the spot here. Hmm…they are both dirty fighters but I think in a fight between them it would be a lose, lose situation. Any other character I have written about would lose to Shade, but King is just as deadly.”

~With KING, you have truly entwined the world of the VIP Room Series and The Last Riders Series. Do you plan to have any other cross-over books in the future?

No, never. It was too hard, I had to keep all the books and storylines in my head at the same time while I was moving the stories forward. I didn’t even tell my editors because I wanted their honest reactions. It was more than worth it though when I did Tainted and it was revealed they were entwined.

~I know the biggest question all your fans want to know is WHO’S NEXT?


~Out of all of your Heroes, who had given you the most grief?

Razor, but Cash is catching up.”

~Do you have a favorite character out of all of your series? Why are they your favorite?

Knox. Because he was truly a good person who lost his true love. I cried when I wrote the graveyard scene. I wanted him to be happy finally and Diamond was the right woman for him.”
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