Tuesday 1 July 2014


Wild At Heart ( Untamed #4)

Victoria Green and Jinsey Reese
It is the forth segment in the ongoing Untamed series and I knew it was coming out the end of June. I just had to know what was happening to my favorite characters as the cliff hanging ending in Escaped Artist had Dare landing in the hospital. What was my heart supposed to be thinking as I waited to find out what and who had happened to him.

Of course it was his father that had gotten to him. Beat him nearly to death, broke some ribs and smashed in his hand, his freaking painting hand. Dare had been trying to protect his family for years. To keep them safe and away from the father. But, of course we just know that Ree’s father had his hand in this, that he was responsible for getting him released from jail. Seriously that man is just over the top in his attempts to control everyone around him. He makes my skin crawl every time Ree has anything to do with him.

Now Dare is recovering physically but mentally his is still trying to keep everyone safe. This now also includes Ree.  He shuts everyone out both mentally and physically as he tries to handle things alone, like he has always done. The thing about Daddy Daren is that he is positively evil and it will take a lot more than just Dare to bring him down.

Even though he tries to keep away from Ree whenever they are together the heat is over the top, they can’t keep their hands off one another – two halves to one whole. They are always so hot for each other and their clothes tend to just melt away. They need each other. They learn to lean on each other for strength, she uses his love to stand up to her family and assert her need to live her own life on her terms, and he uses her love to try to solve the mess of his father.

I am amazed at how much this story is gripping me, I loved every word of it. I find myself simply hating those fathers, really how much abuse can you inflict on your children, unbelievable. And yet these two lovers continue to keep their faith in one another, just biding time until they can truly be together as they are meant to be. They have been through so much nasty stuff in the time that they have been together, I think that a little happiness and peace is needed, deserved even, right? CLIFFHANGING ending again. Geez just when I thought my wait was over, now I see it has only just begun.

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