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I shrugged, checked my watch, and ran my finger over the ring on my right hand. I watched her put the end of the pen in her mouth and it was all I could focus on. I became completely fucking captivated by the way she bit on it, the tip of her tongue swirling around the stick. Jesus… I shifted in my seat as my erection grew heavy—straining against my jeans.
I glanced down at my watch again as a way to stop imagining my cock taking the pen’s place in her mouth.
Are you in a hurry, Mr. Pierce?” I looked up as she uncrossed then recrossed her legs, wiggling slightly in her seat. She had a sensual lure to her that cried out to me, and I’d grown tired of beating around the bush. I never had a problem expressing what I needed from a woman, and I wasn’t going to start now. I met her gaze directly, and she was too prideful to look away, but she wanted to.
Xander.” I corrected her again.
What?” She pretended not to have heard me, but she just wasn’t comfortable calling me by my name.
If I have to tell you one more time to call me Xander, I will pin you to your desk and make you scream it until you get it right.”
She stared at me, mouth slightly agape and eyes widened. “Excuse me?”
I think I was clear.”
She broke eye contact, dropped her notepad on the table in front of her, and rose. She was clearly trying to put some distance between us, but she’d inadvertently gone to stand right in front of the desk I’d referred to.
Why are you here, Mr—Xander? What is it you really want?”
I smiled as she caught herself from calling me Mr. Pierce again. It was too impersonal, and she used the formality to keep up that cinderblock wall she’d built between us. I rose from the chair and walked over to her. She clutched the edge of the desk and
tensed from my violation of her personal space. I leaned into her and she tilted back as far as possible.
I want to sleep, Ms. Shaw, but if I can’t do that…” I trailed my lips across her jaw and took pleasure in the shiver that passed through her body. “I want to fuck.” I bit down on her earlobe. “You.”
She gasped. “That’s not something I can help you with.” But her tone—all trembling and throaty—told me she ached to offer me some relief.
But you want to.” I licked the soft skin of her neck and felt her jaw muscles tighten as she gritted her teeth.
God, how wanted to break her, send her over the edge so she would release those soft moans and let out the claws I knew she hid. I slid my hand over the back of her thigh, slowly moving past the silky fabric of her stockings to the warm, soft skin above. I felt heat radiating from her pussy as I slid my finger higher. I buried my head in her neck and focused on burying my finger into her wet heat.
I moved my hand over the crotch of her panties, and she jerked as if I’d electrocuted her. Fuck… I’d felt the current too. I’ve never wanted to bury my cock in a woman as much as I did this one.
What the fuck is it about her.
I traced the edge of her panties, and just as I was about to get what I really wanted from Avery, she reached out and put her hand on my forearm.
Xander, please…
Now she calls me by my name.


I was arrogant, pushy, controlling, and I was fine with that. What I couldn't control were my dreams. Memories haunted me there.

Even after over a decade, I found I couldn't outrun them. Returning to the place they lived only seemed to trigger a landslide. I couldn't focus, couldn't sleep. Some people drank a warm cup of milk, cuddled up with a book, or threw back a couple shots.

I fucked my way to sleep.
Every single night, I lost myself in pussy. For a long time, it was the only way I knew to get to sleep. But it was getting less and less effective. I slept shorter periods of time before the dreams started.

There was only one hope for my insomnia and she was sexy, intelligent, and unexpected. I wanted to exhaust myself in her sexy little body and let her soothe me to sleep.

The only problem… she was my therapist, and I’d have to break her code of conduct and totally corrupt her before I made her mine.

***Warning: This is an Erotic Serial and contains explicit sexual content and language.***


It is the first in a trilogy. I recommend that you WAIT until you have all three of them in your hands before reading. I did not have that luxury and it is KILLING me. I need to know all the answers, now and I not good at waiting.
Xander Pierce uses sex and frequent sex to help him deal with his insomnia and nightmare issues. This is the only way he can sleep for a few hours at night. He doesn’t hide who he is or what he needs. His current hookup Gabriella gives him a business card of a therapist to help him.
This has interesting results. He is instantly attracted to the therapist and tries to begins\ a relationship with her. Dr. Avery Shaw is no push over.She does not like his cocky attitude and refuses to see him as a client, only changing her mind as a favour to her partner. She then further resists any overtures of a romantic and sexual type. Even though she is attracted to him she fights it and tries to stay professional. The attraction is too strong between them and soon they are having wild hot sex. She soon becomes his balm against the nightmares and calms them slightly. The therapist in her tries to delve into his past to find the root of the problem but he fights her on this.
The story sets the stage for all secrets to be revealed. Hopefully we shall find out what caused his nightmares and also what secrets she has concerning her past and the relationship she has with her roommate Ellie.
I thought the author did a great job with this story. I was itching to know all the answers, the reasons that he sleeps with so many women, why is sex his salvation? What happened to cause him to hate his brother? So many questions and not enough pages to answer them all. And then when I happened to blink, a cliffhanger of major proportions. Excellent read 5/5.


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