Sunday 6 July 2014

HIS                                                Jenika Snow

21784175This story was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. I was more than happy to read this story as Jenika Snow is one of my favorite authors. She continues to write amazing books and she is one author that I wholeheartedly anticipate when her next release date is.

HIS is a bit on the darker side. If you enjoy your stories with a bit of edge to them than you should love this one.

Bethany Sterling is living in a bubble, she does what she is told, when she is told and now is going to marry who she is told. She is not happy, but that is the way that her parents have raised her. She has been taught to obey them.

Abe is part of the security control at her house, he has been watching her for the last year, learning all about her, her wants, her needs and most importantly her scheduale. He wants her and one day he decides to take her. Under the guise of drugs he whisks her away to his secret house, planting evidence behind to suggest that she took off of her own accord.

He keeps her chained by her ankle to the bed post, dependant on him for her every basic need. He tells her “ I saw you, I wanted you, so I took you.” This removal from all that she has ever known causes her to search deeply inside her soul to finally figure out just what exactly she wants for the rest of her life, to discover what she needs.

This story was deep and dark and very emotional as Bethany and Abe both need to complete an emotional journey.  This story is a must read. I was horrified at they way he took her but also amazed at his insight into her character and how he tries to anticipate her needs. He may not have the process in the right order but I do believe his intentions are honorable, okay somewhat.

I recommend this story to all dark romance readers. I would rate this a 5/5 or higher if I could.

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