Thursday 20 February 2014

This is the second part to this quirky new series. The release date is March 10, 2014. Make sure to mark it on your calender. They are a must read.

Clipped Wings

Helena Hunting

I must confess that I did read
Cupcakes and Ice first so that I would get a feel for these characters. I was definately hooked after that story. It gives you just enough information to leave you hanging and wanting to continue to see what happens with these characters.

Tenley is renting an apartment above Aunt Cassie's antique story called Serendipity. She is also working there part time. Not because she has to, she has a healthy bank account because of the tragedy she suffered but simply to fill in time. She is also pursuing her Masters degree at Northwestern University.

She is healing and keeps mostly to herself. However, she does allow herself the pleasure of watching Hayden the tattoo artist the lives and works across the street. The nephew of Cassie. He is hot and sends shivers down her spine. He also keeps coming in the shop to talk to her.

Tenley and Hayden finally strike up a conversation. He gives her a tattoo, a baby cupcake as she is so fond of baking them. The explore their relationship but Hayden does not sleep with customers. She comes up with a solution and they agree to only sleep with one another until he does her big tattoo, that way she is not technically a customer yet.

Tenley has been through a horrible tragedy and she is trying so hard to put her life back on track. This however is proving difficult as her brother in law Trey is harrassing her regarding the estate and her University adviser is giving her a hard time with her thesis.

She has nightmares, he comforts her, He has demons, she comforts him. Together they are trying to heal one another. Her wounds are fresh, his are years old revolving around the death of his parents in his teenage years and his downward spiral afterwards.

This novel was powerful. It sucks you in so that you turn page after page to immerse yourself in their lives. It unveils emotion after emotion as we watch these two try to live a somewhat normal life. The secondary characters play a large role in the story, his aunt and uncle helped him so much after his parents murder. His business partners are a large part of who he is now. And his old associates come back to cause trouble for him. In her life Trey is a force to be reckoned with and will certainly cause some huge hurdles.

To be forewarned there is a nasty cliffhanger (as all cliffhangers are nasting) ending in this story which only made me determined to read book #3. I would rate this story a solid 5/5.

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