Friday 14 February 2014

February 14/ 2014
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! As usual I sat down to read for an hour or so last night before Saving Hope came on TV, I decided to try a new author. A story that I had gotten from Net Galley that seemed kind of interesting . Indulging in Irelyn. A story of a football player six years after his injury as he finds the girl that has haunted his dreams. His angel he calls her. I was expecting a simple love story but it was, WOW, so much more. Seems she has a boyfriend that does not want to let go of her. He is simply evil. It was a great read. I can't wait for the next installment. I hate cliffhangers, I hate serial stories. I love them all!!!

Indulging in Irelyn

D.L. Raver

This story was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.

Zolt, even the name is hot. It makes me think of sexiness. This character certainly lives up to his name. He has a reputation for only sleeping with a women once, not really taking the time to get a name and for the most part shies away from any kissing. Quite the playboy. He used to be a star NFL player until a nasty dirty hit wrecked his leg and destroyer his career.

Irelyn was in the stands that day, she saw the hit go down and rushed to the field to offer confort. Their gazes lock and her image stays with him for years. He considers her an angel that he has dreamed up.

Six years later the two of them met, both working for her father in his law office. The attraction between the two of them is instantanious and serioulsy off the charts. He thinks he angel has come to life and he has always been her hero.

But, alas, there is a slight problem. The boyfriend Marcus Xavier and this man is seriously a bad bad dude. He has his hands in all sorts of illegal activities. He tells Irelyn when she breaks it off with him that she will always belong to him. He treats her like a possession and has secretly collared her. She is frightened of him and leans to Zolt for comfort.

This book packed one hell of a literary punch. It has ALL the elements of a great story. The romance was sweet and it was easy to love them, the bad boy persona fits him to a T and he uses this to awaken the dormant sexuality in Irelyn. He makes her become a woman and she loves it, she loves him, she always has. Zolt has friends in high places and this adds to the drama and mystery in the plot. Marcus is controlling and evil. Just when we think that he has given up..... bam! something horrible happens. I was so totally unprepared. I loved it. I eagerly turned the pages to discover the ins and outs to this story. I truly enjoyed this book. Imagine my surprise when it turns out to be a CLIFFHANGER!!! I hate waiting,

I rate this story 5/5 and can't wait for the sequel.

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