Tuesday 11 February 2014

February 11, 2014
I just realized that Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Wow, I swear it was just Christmas, time passes us by so quickly. I am going to post the last installment of Opal Carew's great series and then I will pick some more great romantic stories to share with you. Being close to Valentine's Day is the perfect time to read a great romance story, not that we need an excuse, every day is a great day to read a book! What a great way to pass a few hours, even if we have to look outside at all the white snow. And believe you me, there is plenty of snow to look at outside my window. But, this morning I have been searching for vacation spots, I think I see the need for some warm weather and sand in my future. Complete with a weeks supply of novels of course.
Hope you enjoy.

His to Possess #6


This story was gifted to me in exchange for an honest reiew.

At the end of Book 5 was the question that ALL women wait their whole lies to hear " would you like to have sex with us together." This must be the number on fantasy of all times. Not only does Jessica have both of the hot and sexy Ranier brothers wanting her, but now they are planning on taking her together. To make her number one fantasy come to light.

What a night it was. Dane is all masculine and dominant and controls the entire situation. In typical menage situations they were all so very satisified, they were all so very much at one time or another the prime focus of the attention, or sometimes she was the centre of attention for both of them. Wholy hotness. She falls asleep a very content girl.

However, come the light of day, comes the necessity to face the truth. It is time to determine the rest of her life. She needs to listen to her head. She needs to listen to her heart and think about what is the right thing to do. She wants Dane, she wants Rafe, they are both so irresistable and pulling at her heartstrings for oh so many different reasons.

Now it would be so cruel of me to give away anymore details, no matter how much you, the reader is wanting to know what happens. Believe you mean, I thought I had it figured out at this point, but in true Opal Carew style she is not quite finished with the twists and turns that this story is on. There is still lots of drama to come about. Some more spankings, some tense agruements and lots and lots of hot sex. All the best things. This story is wrapped up niceley and all loose ends are taken care of. Unfortunately you are going to have to read this story first. Excellent job by this very talented writer. 5/5!!

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