Sunday 23 February 2014

February 23, 2014
Here is a nice sizzling menage for all you menage readers out there. I goes beyound just sex. Talks about feelings and decisions into the relationship and how communication is so very important. I enjoyed it.

Dial M for Menage

Emily Ryan-Davis

I was gifted this story in exchange for an honest review.

This is the continuation of the love story first introduced in Menage on 34th Street. Unfortunately I had not read that story so there was a little catching up to do. When I realized that they had a prior relationship it was not hard to pick up where this one started.

The heart of this story is about making a menage relationship work. It delves into the different aspects of various relationships. Male and female and male on male. In the second there was a little bit of a struggle to see which male, if any would always be dominant and there was some sole searching between the two of them to find the right answer.

Hunter belongs to the Marines and is worried how his constant moving around from post to post will affect this relationship. Liam and Katrina are married, they have a house together, so Hunter sometimes feels like a third wheel. These are choices that he needs to sort through?

What about children? Who gets to father them? Should they bring children into this type of relationship? These are questiong that all need to be discussed. These three adults need to find out what is the most important for them. And this starts of course, with honesty.

I thought that this was a realistic portrayal of some of the conflicts a menage relationship would encounter. The sex in the book was hot, but it wasn't the main focus of the story- the relationship between the three of them was. It was really amazing to watch the power struggles as everyone tries to do what is best, or what they think is best.

This story was not what I was expecting going in. But I found myself drawn into the story of their lives. Edging them along to make what I considered the right choices for them. Shhh, I am just like Liam. Definately worth a read to see what happens. I do suggest buying the first book. It will make things a little easier. I would rate this story 3.4/5.

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