Friday 21 February 2014

This book is the third in the new series by Helena Hunting a fellow Canadian. The first one is out right now,
the second one Clipped Wings releases on March 4 and this one does not come out until May 13. BUT, I seriously recommend that you mark thses dates down on your calender so that you do not forget to get them. They are definately worth the read. I devoured all three of them.

Inked Armor

Helena Hunting

This story was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

This is the third part in this series. The first one was Cupcakes and Ink where the characters Hayden and Tenley are introduced. The second is Clipped Wings where they fall in love and leaves us with a cliffhanging ending that has Tenley going home with the evil brother in law Trey to settle Connor's estate.

These two stories were very powerful and touched places way down inside. I eagerly hounded the author until I got my hands on this one too.

Tenley spends a horrible month back in Arden Hills fighting with Trey and trying to do the right thing by Connor. She misses Hayden dreadfully. She thinks about him all the time, debates calling him constantly but wants to go back to him with a clean slate. Trey plays some dirty pool, he has some nasty tricks up his sleeve and it takes longer that she thinks.

Hayden is devasted that Tenley has left. She does not answer the phone. She does not respond to his messages or texts and when he goes down there to see her in person Trey sent him away. He thinks that she has left him for good and is never coming back.He is not sure how he can go on. Hayden is not eating, he is loosing weight, he has not gotten a hair cut and he barely remembers to go to work or even to shower. All he thinks about is Tenley and how much his heart is broken.That she has left him just like his parents did. His friends are worried that he will spiral downwards again.

When Tenley does return to Chicago it is to a very changed man. Their need for one another is bordering on unhealthy, they consume one another. They are together all the time, every night as they try to work things out. They devour each other both mentally and physically. It is almost like the two broken halves finally come together to make a whole.Things in Hayden's past concerning his less than desirable actions are haunting him during the day and his dreams of his parent's murder are haunting him during the night. He needs to explain things that he has done and who he has done them with to Tenley so that she understands and does not think badly of him and leave again.

Will these two wounded souls, who have shared such devasting losses in their time be able to help each other heal? Will they ever be closure to the murders? Will getting her tattoo help Tenley to get over her loss?

In order to answer some of these questions and just to learn more about these two amazing characters I definately think you should read this story. It had an enormous amout of depth for all the characters. There are a few twists and turns along the way that really caught me off guard. I was amazed at how strong Tenley is. There love for each other was so very evident in every page. The ending answers so many questions.

I would rate this story 5/5.

Would love to read more by this author!!

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