Sunday 16 February 2014

February 16, 2014
When I first posted the reviews to Opal Carew's books I managed to garner the attention of Rose, her editor and it was to my great surprise when I got and e-mail from her this week asking me to review this new story "Breathe Into Me" by Sara Fawkes. I think that this is just the most awesomeness pat of the back. I am taking baby steps in getting myself known in the world of so many reviewers out there and these are my first steps. I love the feeling and knowledge that someone out there is reading and appreciating what I do. I read and appreciate what they do, so that is only fair
I found this story to be totally captivating from the first page. Lacey has unbelievable strength of character and I am seriously wanting my 18 year old daughter to read this story. She would enjoy it very much.
Rose, this one is for you.

Breathe Into Me

Sara Fawkes

This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.

Lacey St. James is living in a run down trailer with her Mom, Grandma and little 4 year old brother Davy. They have been there since her step-dad died and Grandma offered to take them in. It is a horrible situation that has Mom drinking to extremes and Grandma being verbally abusive as well as slapping Lacey around. Her mental escape from this it to meet up with local bad boy Macon. He likes his sex dirty and a little rough. It is a regular occurance for her to have to hide bruises that he gives her. He sickens her and makes her afraid of him but she thinks she is better off with him than at home.

One night at a local bar Macon goes too far, he offers to share her with his friends. This is too much for Lacey. She is terrified and fights back. After getting away from a possibley dangerous situation she is determined to stay far away from Macon.

Everett is at the bar that night and befriends her after the attack. They strike up a conversation. And begin to see each other around town. He helps her study for her GED test. Working at the local grocery store gets tougher after Macon makes and scene and when Grandma kicks her out of the trailer Everett offers her a room in the mansion's deck house that he is spending the summer in. They become great friends and spend alot of time together.

Lacey is trying to get her life back on track, but with no where to live and no full time job it is hard and she is frustrated. She finally gets some help from the bartender Cherise and fellow grocery clerk Claire.

This story was certainly a journey for this young girl. It was almost heart breaking to read. Such a gamut of emotions. She is always having one set back after another. I wonder if she will ever get her HEA. There are some sweet spots to the story that will give you back hope. Everett arranges for her to get her truck fixed and then they go mud riding to christian it. When the two of them finally make it between the sheets he has the room all decked out in candles wanting to make her "new first time" something to remember forever.

But alas, Mr Everett has some of his own demons haunting him and only once he can make peace with himself and his family will it be possible for these two to have any sort of future together.

I thought the author did a great job of putting some many horrible events and situations together into an amazing story. It was truly a beautiful thing to see when the pieces of her puzzle start forming what could be her life. Something possible peaceful and beautiful.

I would rate this story 5/5. It was well done. It makes you look at your own life and truly be thankful for what you have. To value the mistakes that you have made because they have made you into the what you are today.

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