Monday 10 February 2014

Hello, as well as trying to get this blog up and running I am also reading for NetGalley, We Love Kink and Shayna's Sexy Reads. That is alot of reading. No need for TV watching, my books are my life right now. I find that it relaxes me to sit on the couch with a good book and a snack at night. I find myself looking forward to the peace and quiet of the time just for me. I think that with all the stressors in our lives during the day a little bit of me time at night is justly deserved.
Here is number 5 in the Opal Carew series, I will either post the final later tonight or tomorrow. And then I have a whole list of books for you all, might have to put the titles in a hat to help me choose.
Thanks for sharing my ramblings with me.

His to Possess #5


This story was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.

This story just keeps getting hotter and hotter, the twists and the turns, I just am not seeing them coming. After leaving Dane in Chicago, she is deeply tormented as she thought things had changed with him. She thought they had connected, instead he sent her away.

Rafe picks her up at the airport and drives to his apartment. Where he has a very serious question for her. "Will you marry me? I will be either Rafe or Storm, I"ll be happ if you're by my side."

Whoa, knock me over, shock, shock, shock. Thankfully Jessica is level headed and turns him down. He has only been back in town for a short while and she has feeling for Dane. However, a comforting hug turns to a short kiss, to a caress of the breast and so on and so forth. Soon the two of them are reconnecting in all ways physical and spending the night together.

At one time in the book we had these lines.

Dane" Are you in love with Rafe?"

Rafe " What are your feelings for my brother"

I mean what is a girl to do.There is way too much testosterone in the room here. Yes it is yummy stuff, sure to result in some hot and steamy love making, but feelings are getting involved, feelings are being stirred up again. She wants.... she wants... she is not sure. She has feelings for both of them and does not know what to do.

This story is getting hotter and hotter. I was so jealous of this girl getting all that hot loving from those two men. They are capable of definately scorching up the sheets. Loving everything here. I am only sad that there is just one more installment to go.

In typical Opal fashion this one has a doozy of a final page. So much so that I had to read the next installment before I wrote this review. Do as I did read that one too.

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