Saturday 15 February 2014

February 15, 2014
Well the days of winter are passing us by, Hoorah! soon we will be moving into warmer weather. I booked a Caribbean Cruise the end of April. Countdown commences. Yesterday I got an e-mail from Blue Kincaid author of Five Weeks in December saying that she had read my review on Net Galley and liked it. Because of this she wanted to know if I would go on a list to get automatic ARC 's of her new books. HELL YES!!!! Being new in reviewing and blogging it is stuff like this that just blows my mind and makes me feel good inside.
Blue Kincaid - this one is for you!

Five Weeks in December

Twisted and Tied Book 1

Blue Kincaid

I received this story in exchange for an honest review from Net Galley.

Harry Everett is a Dom without a sub. His last sub, his fiancee had died two ago on her way to meet her lover. Harry obviously has not been the same since. He has not been able to top anyone since then. His friends are worried about him and suggested a professional submissive to help him out.

December is this person. She is to be his submissive for five weeks. She is to help him to regain his dominant nature. She is sweet, loving and soft. She terrifies him.

This story was not your typical dom/sub story, I found it to be deeper emotionally. It was not simply about the sex or the act of BDSM but rather about two people getting to know one another. I loved how she was always running through the house in her bare feet. It made it seems so much more real to me.

The sex scenes were beautifully done, I felt very honored to be reading them , almost trespassing on something beautiful. There was straight sex, voyueristic sex, and lots and lots of toys. He really treated her as if she was a treasure. He cares about her feelings and fulfilling her needs. They do everyday things together and they just seem so perfect.

Well, we know that there has to be some bumps along the way and this story is no different. Harry is still hurting from his past relationship and December must come to grips with the reasons that she bounces around in her live. Why does she prefer to keep bouncing from job to job. She has some secrets to tell. This story was very well done and I loved the way the focus of the story was on the development of the two main characters and not just simply sex after sex scene. Now don't get me wrong, there were sex scenes and they were hot stuff. I really thought the secondary characters were well done. His friends were awesome and her family was definately a hoot.

I would recommend this story to all romance readers and would rate it 4/5.

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