Friday 7 February 2014

His to Possess #3, Perfect Storm

Opal Carew

This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.

Jessica is content to be working for Dane. It was a little bit of a rocky beginning after mistaking him for an exboyfriend Storm and the surprise of finding out he was her new boss. They tried to keep their hands off one another but it was impossible, the sexual attraction was too great. So the new deal now is simply sex. And oh my, there is alot of that. She is told to only wear garters, stockings and a thong at all times so that it would make access to her so much easier. He flirts with her, he teases her, he gets her worked up constantly. He takes her constantly in the office, whenever he wants, however he wants. Hot hot sex. I am telling you Miss Opal Carew can certainly write a riveting sex scene.

Besides the hot sex, these two are getting closer, they are talking, they are becoming friends. They are attending functions together and multiple meetings, they have had lunch dates and indepth family discussions.

You would think that now the story is just going to be about the two of them right? NOPE, seem that the exboyfriend Storm is missing her, he wants her back and has managed to get her location from Mom and Dad and he is coming out to see her. There is the making for some heavy duty stress here and then.... BAM! another cliffhanging ending. This time I need to wait a week for the next installment!!! I don't know if my tender heart can take the stress.

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