Thursday 24 April 2014


From The Boots Up

Andi Marquette.

Meg Tallmadge is a twenty four year old  girl working on her father's ranch helping him out. Diamond Rock Ranch is expecting a reporter to come and do a spotlight story on them and everyone is hoping for the publicity to help out  the  business. While in town one day she comes across a pretty girl trying to change a flat tire and helps out while finding herself attracted to her.

Amazingly enough when the reporter shows up the next day Meg is surprised to see it is the girl with the flat tire. Her name is Gina and she is from New York. Meg needs to fight her attraction while Gina is technically working for the ranch. There is too much at stake to risk. In the meantime she will spend the time she has making sure that Gina enjoys her stay at the ranch.

This story was just a short novella but it was really sweet. It was all about the build up. The getting to know another person and learning who they are. Becoming friends first before rushing into anything else. Spending time horse back riding together or hanging out on the ranch with all the guests. I thought the author did a great job considering the length. I really enjoyed how much attention was spent on all the secondary characters and loved reading about her father and the housekeeper Alice.

I would give this story a 3.5/5

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