Friday 4 April 2014


Reflection (The Chrysalis Series, #2)

Professor Bridget Ross is jogging with her dog Daisy when Daisy becomes enthralled with another dog. Lotus, a Rodesian Ridgeback is entangled with Daisy and this caused Bridget to fall helplessly to the ground as Daisy's leash is around her waist. She always needs the security of having her hands free. She won't let Connor touch her when he offers aid. She is actually rude to him " don't touch me." Her demons run deep.

She sees him again and apologizes and offers to buy him coffee. Theirs is a slow moving relationship. He is a beautiful artist that is working as a janitor as he has his own demons that won't allow him to pursue his art as a career.

Together they try to form a relationship. She lets him closer than she has anyone else. He makes her feel things and allows her to try to come to grips with her past. He has dominant tendancies and urges and she has always had fantasies about being dominated, but she fights them at every turn and thinks it makes her a dirty girl. No body should like to be held down and spanked. She needs Connor in her life to show her that what she is feeling is okay and that she is normal.

Connor however, also needs her help so that he can put his own insecurities behind him and realize that the life that he is meant to live is also normal and totally allowable.

I thought that the chemistry between the two of them was sparking, I loved the fact that Connor was a bit younger that Bridget, it makes them seem so much more vulnerable. I also like that Bridget was dealing with issues at the school involving herself and her student Skylar. I didn't like how she kept it from Connor, but I appreciated that it was part of her character, it made her much deeper to me. I mean really because of her past trauma it only makes sense that she trust him in baby steps.

I thoroughly enjoyed all parts of this story from the sappy love story to the hot steamy love scenes. The plot line was well done and did not totally take place in the bedroom. I thought both the story line and the secondary characters were very well fleshed out. It was an easy read. I would rate it 5/5.

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