Friday 4 April 2014

Foundation For Three(Montana Promises Book 2)

This is the second story in the Montana Promises series. It is a stand alone story but I always prefer to read series from the beginning to get a feel for all the characters and a history.

Dectective Thad Dalton finds himself at the hospital one evening dealing with a domestic abuse call involving his ex-wife Peggy. Dr Zoey Donovan becomes involved in the drama, She is grabbed, held as hostage, Thad gets shot in rescueing her and Zoey is scared and shaken.

Later that night at home she is comforted by builder Pete Banks as he is finishing the renovations on her house. After learning about her day he realizes that she is talking about his roomate Thad. He is shaken and worried. After some more talking she asks him the important question.

"Are you and Chad a couple?"

"Couple?.......... No, We like to share our women."

The three of them soon embark on a passion filled relationship. They share everything, they talk about their past and she is introduced to Thad's family during an anniversary dinner. Soon their passion in turning into something more. Real feelings.There is a death at the hospital and an attempted break in at her house.There is lots of drama going on.

I really enjoyed this book. I found that the story effortlessy flowed together. I was eagerly turning the pages to find out what was going on with these three. The sex scenes very exciting, and very realistic, you could easily tell that the characters had feelings for one another. The drama at the hospital added intrugue and suspense, the reader is guesses as to who is telling the truth and what the outcome will be. I thought that having Pete have to deal with some issues was also well done as it added some extra humanity to the story and made things so much more believeble than just a quick HEA. I would absolutely give this story a 5/5.

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