Monday 14 April 2014


This is a definate tear jerking, page turning emotional journey.

Dexter Michael is a twenty four year old student from the States that is starting fresh, studying in London. He has a one night only rule for the ladies, as this will stop them from getting to know him too well, from asking questions that he does not want to answer.

Emily Barton is nineteen, and it is her time to shine. She has left the nest of her parents and has moved in with her best friend parapalegic Rachel. Rachel has a list of "firsts" that she is going to get Emily to do.

These two are totally different characters. She is shy and has barely experienced what life has to offer her. He is a recovering alcoholic who has a horrible past he is running from.

Opposites attract. He brings her to life and she helps him deal with his. He fights her constantly, but she perserveres and shows him her love constantly. She is trying to prove to him that he is worth loving. She is knocking away at his resistance trying to learn all that he has to hide. She wants to be a part of his life, she wants to be the biggest part of his life. She makes him forget his one night only rule and want a future.

Emily also has her own past that she needs to let come to the surface and finally deal with so that she can be free. Will he be able to help her? Will she be strong enough for both of them?

This was definately a very powerful love story. For such a young couple they face all the odds and fight to be together. The maturity in knowing what Dexter needs and how she searching in herself to be that person for him was awe inspiring. She showed true inner strength.

I thought this story was very well done. When all is laid on the table and we think that everything has been dealt with and sorted out, BOOOM! cliffhanger! Going to have to get book two for sure. 5/5 rating from me.

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