Thursday 8 May 2014


Victoria Green and Jinseu Reese

This is the first part in a seven part series.

"I need to get laid." This is how this story starts out. I was intrigued and happy to read on. Reagan McKingley is the main character. She is a little bit of a wild child. Admitting that her bed is never empty , alcohol and pills are big parts of her life and she views her sex life as the ONLY thing that she truly has control over and not her parents. She goes to the school her parents have picked out, wears the clothes they like and also socializes with the men they want her too. Well, most of the time.

At a bar one night with her parental approved date she comes across a stranger at the bar. He catches her eye, but he does not seem interested in her which of course spikes her interest more. She finally convinces him to have a drink with her. His name is Dare. Appropriate.

"What would you like?" he says.


"I'm not on the menu."

Of course, he takes a chance on her. She sleeps over, he actually makes her feel things. He makes her think about things, he makes her almost human.

His life growing up is the polar opposite of hers. He was from the wrong side of town, with a druggie mother and a criminal in jail for a father. He tries so hard to be responsible for his mom and siblings. The only thing that Reagan is responsible for is what to drink or what pills to take.

This story is so very deep. She is so zombie like before him as she barely exists. He opens up her mind and heart and makes her feel things.

He says "Don't take your pills, Just for tonight, let me be enough Ree."

How can you not love this guy. But alas, she is so programmed to be the perfect daughter, and her father is running for mayor. She needs to be even more perfect, to do only what her parents want her to be.

I felt so deeply for both of these characters. I was eagerly turning the pages to find who was going to prevail, Dad or Dare. They are both so very strong characters and each has a large hold on Reagan. Just whose hold is stronger? Who will be able to sway her the hardest? Will she be able to break free of her family and truly experience love and allow herself to breathe or will she be sucked into the family drama again? Looks like I need to wait until part two. I would rate this story 5/5 or higher if I possibly could.

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