Wednesday 16 April 2014


Maya and Jay are a young married couple with a seven year old son Calder. Jay works alot of hours in order to provide what he thinks are the necessities in life to his family. Maya wishes that he would spend more time with them that at the office. On the fatal weekend of the tragedy Jay was rushing from work to surprise Maya and Calder at a weekend away skiing.

Unfortunately he ends up driving over a cliff and into the water, leaving Maya and Calder to face life with out him. Just like his mother had when his father had died in a drowning accident at a young age as well.

This is the story of what happens to Jay on the other side. This is how his love survives and tries to help those that he has left behind. It is also the story of the struggles that Maya and Calder go through as they try to go on without the figure head of the family.

It was not what I was expecting but it was beautiful. There was talk about different auras around those left behind as their moods changed, as they went throught the grieving process. It was beautifully done. I really felt for Maya as she tried to move on romantically and had to deal with her guilt for being attracted to Marcus. Calder’s character is heartbreaking as he tries to deal with his loss, we watch as he becomes angry and sullen and acts out against him mother.

Jay tries to reach out to Calder and connects to him through his dreams and connects with Maya through her art and in the form of crows.

The visits to the psychic provided another excuse to get the kleenex out as Maya and Jay struggle to connect to one another.

This story was so powerful because it was so raw and truthful. It could happen to anyone at anytime, whether it be from an accident as such or even an illness. We really don’t know what goes on after death, but wouldn’t it be beautiful if the way this author portrays an after life is really the way that things could be. It really makes the reader sit back and truly be thankful for everything that they have in their life. I loved the part where Jay was questioning why he was allowed to be in Calder's life for such a short time, whether he was important in the long scheme of things, and the answer he was given " because Calder picked YOU to be his father." This writer reminds me of Nicholas Spark. I would rate this story a 5/5.


  1. Monica,
    Thank you so much for the awesome review! I am so glad you liked the book. I think the rawness you mention probably came from the fact that the story was derived from a whole bunch of real experiences that I wanted to write about in my blog, but that felt they were too personal or might violate the privacy of those close to me. The form of fiction allowed me to say what I needed to say without hurting anyone's feelings or invading their privacy.

    I am so pleased it made you think and be thankful for all you have. That was certainly my goal. I learned the hard way, that even when the very worst happens, the very best things can result from those experiences.

    Abby Carter

  2. Thank you for you beautiful comment. I actually had to sit back and truly think about how today what I wanted to say before writing. You have a gift.