Sunday 20 April 2014

20628400Hot and Bothered
Juliet (Jules) Kilroy has a best friend in Taddea (Tad) Deluca. He has been her rock for years. He was there was she came home pregnant, was her birthing couch when she delivered her baby Evan and has held her hand and wiped her tears through all her struggles as a single mom during that hard first year.

Now she is ready to move on, she wants some romance in her life and so she signs up for on-line dating. Huh, for some reason that just irks Tad the wrong way. Provokes protective feelings he did not know he had.

During a conversation as she tries to explain her wants and desires.

" I just know I'd like to have some fun while I'm still young."

"What about me?" he replies.

And so the romance truly begins. He vows to be there for her as long as she need. To satisfy her desires. They have sex three times that first night. They fit together so very well. But then of course, real life comes crashing in and feeling get involved. Feelings that they are not ready to face. Futures that their fun romp was not supposed to involve. And then the Simon, the baby's father makes a surprise visit.

This story was very well done. I have read all the stories in this series and I have enjoyed them all. They flow nicely and have a great story line. It is also good to see the charcaters from the first story come back. It feels like we are truly part of the story. I thought the sex scenes were very hot, these two certainly had alot of chemistry between them. Their love is so easy for everyone else to see but one another. I am hoping for a happy ending but alas, I am not going to provide any more details. Read the story, read the series. 5/5!

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