Friday 28 March 2014

This is the second installment in the The Ravenwood Circle Series. We first met Eva and Peter Ravenwood in Marraige Counseling From A Stripper Pole when they reached a crises point in the marriage as Peter was spending too much time at work and Eva was feeling ignored. In order to save their marriage they added an encounter with another woman to their lives.

In this part of the story they are once again looking for another woman. Tonight they are meeting Brooke. At first glance she is beautiful with a lush body and beautiful red hair. The three of them hit is off instantly. They bond together over dinner and soon head up to their room for some after dinner fun.

It is such a turn on for Peter to watch Eva dominate Brooke and it is definately turning both Eva and Brooke on. They experiment with all sorts of positions and share everything equally between each other. Eva finds something deep inside her is satisfied as she watches her husband with Brooke as they pleasure each other.

This story is definately a true love story. Eva and Peter are deeply committed to one another. And yet he realizes that something can be added to enhance their life, that maybe Eva would like a little bit more and he is confident enough to go after it. His prime goal is just to make his wife happy. You just gotta love this guy.

They sex scenes between the three of them are very very tastefully done. I loved reading them and look forward to the next installment. I would rate this story a 5.5 Excellent. Packs quite the punch in a short period of time.

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