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March 11, 2014
This story was gifted to me by the author for an honest review. I thought it was very well done. The beginning starts off with Vanessa experimenting with BDSM for a school paper but quickly turns into a very deep and moving love story. It really hits some touchy subjects when talking about PTSD and I found it to be very well done. I enjoyed all aspects of the story. Will is a very hot dom with a great dom voice and the author did not disappoint on the love scenes. They were yummy.
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Cassandra Carr

I love to read a good romance novel. Boy meet girl, falls in love, has good sex and lives happily ever after. I mean, every one loves that kind of story, but sometimes I want a little bit more, sometimes I want my sex to be a little bit rougher, a little bit more interesting, with a little bit more variety, you know maybe some spanking or some toys.

Vanessa Clark is attending university and needs to write a term paper for her latest psychology class, her Psychology of Sex class. The paper is worth a big chunk of the grade and as such it needs to be awe inspiring, fresh and interesting. She decides to write about BDSM and goes to the local fetish club Decandence for an interview.

The owner of the club Rod is indisposed with a migraine and his best friend Will agrees to meet with Vanessa. He shows her around and lets her watch a few of the tamer scenes. She witnesses some sensation play that involves ice cubes and spanking. She is intrigued and honestly a little turned on.

Will is attracted to Vanessa straight off, something about her innocence and natural submissive nature heads straight to his heart and he finds himself slowly introducing her to his world. Vanessa is captivated and enjoying every minute of it.

As in all D/s relationships there comes a time when punishment needs to be doled out and soon Vanessa finds herself over his lap for her first spanking. He makes her feel things that she never has before, he ties her to the bed and blindfolds her. She is falling for him.

"Tell me what made you groan."

"The thought of you taking over. Sir"

Will is a hostage negotiator. He is often called out on assignment and their new relationship will be tested a few times. He is part of a rescue gone bad and it will take alot of courage from both of them to work through this. He will need to search deep inside himself for the strength to work this out. Vanessa will also have to re-evaluate what she wants in a relationship and what she is willing to do in order to have it. What does she need to do to keep this man and their new found love.

I thought that the author did a great job with this story. It started out light and quick paced as they start to know one another and develop a relationship but then turned very serious as he has a traumatic experience and needs to recover from it. Their new love is severly tested and it is interesting to see how they both cope with these new challanges. How will they come together or will neither of them have the strength to see things through. I would give this story a 5/5. The characters had a great deal of depth to them as did the best friend Rod. I loved learning about how she experiences aspects of BDSM for the first time as well. Well done.

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