Saturday 8 March 2014

March 7, 2014
 I thought it was time to change things a little bit so I went looking for a nice sweet romance with a happy ever after ending. Sometimes these are good books. A great way to pass a few hours. The one that I chose to read was Better Than Perfect b Kristina Mathews, now this seems to be the first in a series "More Than A Game" so I am really excited to be reading it. I love serial stories. I love when we get to know the style of the author and just know that a book by him/her will be great. The feeling you get when a favourite author has a release day is just priceless.
This story did not disappoint me. It was very well written. The emotions that these two experience as they reconnect and try to determine who is the father of the child were heart tugging. I truly fell in love with all three of these character. Enough said.
Happy Reading

Better Than Perfect

Kristina Mathews

This story was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.

Johnny (The Monk) Scottsdale is a famous baseball player who has recently signed up with the San Francisco Goliaths. He is a two time Cy Young Award and perennail All-Star player, he should be on top of the world. However, he is still missing his high school sweetheart, the one that got away, the one that married his best friend Mel.

Alice is that girl. She has always loved Johhny but grew up in a home with with a father that was always blaming having a child and a wife as the reason that he never made the "big times." She couldn't do that to Johnny, she ended things so that he could persue his dream. She has never forgotten him or what they shared. They were inseparable for three years.

Alice and Mel spent an evening together missing Johnny soon after he leaves, one thing leads to another, they console each other,and then she finds herself pregnant, and shortly thereafter married to Mel.

Twelve years later Johnny comes back to town, Mel has long since passed away and Alice still does not know who the father of Zach is. She is scared to see him, scared to talk to him, scared to tell him what might be.

The author does a great job with this story line. Alice is such a strong character, she is running a foundation sponsoring baseball camps for underprivelaged kids and her path crosses often with Johnny. He is chosen to participate in her camp after the original player is suspended. They will be spending some time together, working together. Her son Zach is at the camp and he volunteers to be Johnny's helper. She has done a great job raising Zach on her own and he is polite and well spoken. Johnny finds himself drawn to the boy, internally battling with himself, he does not want to like Zach, he is Mel's son and he finds himself jealous. Zach has idolized Johnny for years and is so very excited to be spending time with him.

The problem with secrets is that they inevidently seem to get out. This one does surface after a reporter does some digging and connects the dots. Johnny is blown away and caught totally off guard when questioned by the reporter. I felt so very sorry for him. He was truly shocked. The author did a great job in describing Johnny's search for the truth and where this leads all three of these people.

The secondary characters added alot to this story line, Zach alone was an integral part of the story and his humour made me laugh and remember my kids at his age. Mel's parents were so very sweet and the fact that him mom gave Alice her blessing to move foreward. Even the nurse at the lab and her stunts were very well done.

I loved how this story played out. It felt very honest and was very easy to read. I felt a connection with all the characters and was flipping the pages in search for the happy every after. This is the first in a series of athlete books and I am looking forward to the next one.

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