Tuesday 18 March 2014


March 18, 2014
This is the third part of this new series. I am loving it. It has all the necessary details to make a great story. It has a hot hero, a sweet heroine, lots of sexual tension, sex that is off the charts and some deep deviant behavior as well, what is not to like, what more could you possibly ask for.
Every Part Of You Taunts Me

Megan Hart

This is the third part of these amazing series that will have you non stop page turning.

Simone has not been with Elliot for awhile when she is invited to a party thrown by Trent Boudreux, who is rumored to be the future Govenor. Of couse Elliot is there.

They meet up after the party and the sparks are flying. They delve deeper into realm of sexual pain.

"I'm going to hurt you Simone."

"I hope so, I told you, I like it."

They experiment with his belt and puts clothes pins on her nipples. Holy hotness here. The sex scenes were smoking. This author does a great job of creating and setting the background for these two characters. Their wants and needs are so similar. Simone is okay with who she is and embrasses the fact the fact that she likes a little pain and prefers her sex a little bit rougher. Elliot has been not reached this point in his life yet and is still weary of finding anyone like he it. He is not at peace with who he is and struggles to admit it to himself or anyone else.

I am really enjoying this story and looking forward to the next part. I would rate this series a 5/5.

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