Thursday 27 March 2014

End Of Innocence
Book Three of the amazing series. A must read.

End of Innocene

Alessandra Torre

This story was gifted to me in exchange for an hones review.

This is the third and final segment in the "Innocence" series. What a ride it has been. It has been a while since an author has make me want to sit and read three books about the same characters in a single sitting. But with these three I eagerly did just that. It did take me a few days, but other books were put on hold so that I could get to the ending and find out more about these characters that I have grown to love.

Julia and Brad start out this book engaged as a way to protect her. They have agreed on a one year engagement and this is that journey. They continue to learn more about one another and fall deeper and deeper into love and of course lust. There is still drama at the office as the murder is being investigater. There is still plenty of funky sex scenes as they broaden their horizens and even a surprise birthday present for him.

Julia grows as a person as she becomes more confident in herself and her sexuality. She is for the most part confident in her relationship with Brad and allows him to outfit her apartment with the latest in safey features and alarms.

The countdown to the wedding is on. There is bound to be glitches, things may or may not go as planned. His father has not responded to the invitation and there is still plenty of tension surrounding him. Will he come? Will he cause trouble?

I was on the edge of my seat as the book was literally a countdown of days until the wedding, the wedding of the century. It was going to be lavish, it was going to be a huge society event.

Once again this author has definately written a winner. I enjoyed and devoured every single page. I loved everything about it, the abundant funky sex scenes, the loving sex scenes, the love that was so evident between the two of them and of course the mystery, the intrigue and just the damn suspense. I loved it all. I would rate this series a 5/5 simply because I can't go any higher.

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