Sunday 2 March 2014

March 2, 2014
While on Facebook the other day I came across another author that has changed the venue in which she is writing. You all know how much I love to discover new (well new to me) authors and I definately thought that she qualified. And she was writing romance. My favourite. Menage romance, even better, two hot men to salivate over. This author did not disappoint me and her story was a perfect way for me to sit back and spend an evening. This story is called,
"Promises of Mercy" by Vella Day.
Happy Reading.

Promises of Mercy
Vella Day

This story was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.

I saw the synopsis and knew that I needed to read it. Hunky men in menage relationship. What is not to love. Not only did this story deliver on the romance in the menage but there was so much more to it. The story does not strictly revolve around the bedroom scenes. I actually prefer reading a story line somewhere in between the sex scenes so I was enjoying this story.

Amber Delacroix is an Oncology nurse at the local hospital when one of her patients unexpectantly and suspiciously dies. When her younger irresponsible brother Chris has his spinal cord severed in a serious motorcycle accident and then he too mysteriously dies suspicion falls on Amber.

The hot paramedic Stone Benson finds himself attracted to Amber and he is there to help her grieve for her brother. His roommate Cade is the police officer in charge of the hospital deaths and he is doing whatever he can to solve the mystery. Now these two men have been known to share women in the past and are looking for that special woman to complete them forever. Too bad that the one that Stone has his eye one for that is the one that Cade has his eye on for murder.

The three of them have some issues to get through while allowing Amber to heal from the unexpected death of her brother. During the time it takes Cade to clear her name he finds himself attracted to her as well. Amber has never been in a menage before so things need to go slowly for her.

I think that author did a great job with the story line. I loved how the three of them discovered one another while allowing Amber to get to know these two men one on one and then with the three of them together. I aslo liked how the story did not simply jump from sex scene to another sex scene but instead allowed us to get to know the characters, their families and finally to solve the mystery of the mercy deaths. It was not all smooth sailing romance for these three and there is some danger that just jumps out of the blue.

I truly enjoyed this story, would rate it a 4/5 and would definately read more from this author. Well, look at that she has more in this series for me to read. Hoorah!!

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