Friday 21 March 2014

Here is My Review for Shade's Fall.

Jamie Begley has quickly become one of my favourite authors. She has two series out right now, The Last Riders and The VIP Room, these series are intertwined and I am just loving them. They are about a totally different set of characters but they are starting to mingle as Lily turns out to be the long assumed dead childhood friend of Vida and Sawyer.

This is Lily's book. She has a very damaged childhood. She grew up with her adopted family with Beth as her sister. She watched as her strict minister father treated Beth horribly for years and she has some deeply buried memories of her life before that. She uses a elastic band on her wrist, snapping it to releave her anxiety. Shade has had his sister Penni living with her at college to keep an eye on her over the years. He had fallen hard for her when she was too young to respond.

He is ready now, she is old enough for him.

I love the hot sex scenes in these biker books.Yes, they do for the most part stay faithful to the one they are with but every now and again participate in some menage activities. Their entire concept and beliefs are that sex is to be enjoyed and let me tell you, there is alot of enjoyment going on.

Lily is innocent and as such is treated with kid gloves. Shade takes his time with her but still reveals his true character in his dominant handling of her stress levels. He gives her a time-out corner where she can stand to get her thoughts in order, he teaches her self defense moves, and holds her to calm her down. This is the first time that she has been attracted to a man and it totally overwhelms her.

Lily's dark past is coming after her and there are attempts to harm her, her life is in danger and she must move in with Shade, share a room and a bed with him in order to keep herself safe. It is very hard for her to let him in. But he perserveres.He loves her. He treasures her, the bad boy has definately met his match. I loved this series and I loved this book.

He introduces her to her sexual identify with such finesse and care, bit by bit as she is ready. He helps her to fight her inner demons but does not put up with nonsense and she finds herself over his lap getting a spanking on a few occasions. I am definately going to keep reading books by this author. I would rate this book a 5/5

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