Sunday 16 March 2014

Seducing Chase

March 15, 2014
I have read a few books by Cassandra Carr. I find that I really enjoy her type of writing. This one certainly did not disappoint. I really do enjoy a good sex scene, that is what erotica is mostly about. But with a good ROMANCE novel I feel that there needs to be something else, that the background story is just as important to the story line as the sex scens are. This story delivered on both accounts.The sex was smoking hot, Val and Nate had alot of sexual tension between themselves and really heated up the sheets, when they finally got between them. The hospital drama was dead centre to the story line and I found myself wondering if and how it was going to be resolved. Good Work Cassandra Carr.

Seducing Chase

Cassandra Carr

This story was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.

Public Relations Director Val Chase is working a Cancer Care Centre or CCC in Buffalo when one of the Doctors there takes out with millions of dollars.This is a public relations nightmare. Her boss CEO of the hospital calls in an old college buddy who specializes in PR work Nate O' Halloran. Val dislikes him right from the start, not sure if it is because he is so smoking hot, his sexy bedroom eyes , has a dominant attitude or if she is worried that he is out for her job.

They need to be able to work together to get the public to forget about the crises, they need to generate good publicity. As such they find themselves going together to a hight class hospital charity gala. He is dressed in a tux, her a evening gown, the sparks between them are no longer going to be denied.

"No more hiding, Val. I'm going to see all of you tonight, and you are going to see all of me."

I thought the author did a great job with this story. It was full of mystery, tension, the fight to apprehend the bad guy and of course plenty of sex. When these two finally decided to listen to their hormones they had sex everywhere, in his hotel, her house, her office and even in the hospital. But, of course he does not live in Buffalo, he is only there to help out in crises time. What will happen now? Will he go home? Will she be able to forget him or will her heart be broken? Will they get their happy ever after?

I would rate this story a 4/5. I appreciated the story line surrounding the hospital and the crises, it added so much extra to the whole book, the love story developed at the perfect pace, lots of sexual tension to be discovered before actually given in to their lusty feelings. I would definately read more by this author.

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