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March 15, 2914
 I enjoyed Opal Carew's six part series that I decided to give another author that is writing one a go. Megan Hart and her series "Every Part of You" Unfortunately I only have four out of the five parts, So I need to wait until April 1, 2014 for the fifth and final part. I love these books, they pack so much punch into every little section, they all have such a cliffhanging ending. I HATE WAITING.

Every Part of You (Tempts Me)

Megan Hart

This is the first part of a five part series focusing around Elliot Anderson and Simone Kahan.

Elliot works on the 11th floor of the Montgomery Building as a lawyer and in the opposite wing of the building on the 12th floor Simone works. She is able to look out of her office window and see into his office. She watches him. Elliot has a very healthy sexual appetite and has sex alot in his office and therefore Simone watches alot. She is quite the voyeur. He has some steamy scenes that involve some hair pulling, some over the desk sex and even some spanking. This arouses Simone.

They finally meet one another in the elevator and sparks fly. After a quick makeover on her part, undoing some buttons on her shirt, hiking up her skirt, spiking out her hair she is acceptable to go as his date to a party hosted by his fried Barry.

Afterwards as he drops her off at her apartment they kiss, they fondle, she is getting all worked up. She wants more, she wants things a little rougher.

"More " Simone had said, but she had not idea what that meant for a man like him. No woman ever had. He has wants and needs that noone ever understands.

Whoa, what a start, this book had me ripping through the pages to get more, I was antsy in my seat waiting, waiting, waiting. And then the end. Ugg. Good thing I have round 2. I would rate a 5/5 for sure. Without a doubt.

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