Saturday 30 August 2014

Rebel Roused (Untamed, #5)Rebel Roused

Victoria Green and Jinsey Reese

This is the fifth and final segment in Untamed Journey, I think Journey is the proper word to describe this series, because to me it has been a journey of sorts. Each book has featured it’s own cliffhanger of sorts, there was the "her parents" "the misunderstanding with Archer", "Dare’s injuries" and of course the holy crap of all " Ree’s kidnaping." After starting the first one I waited, week by week until the next one came out, so I could quickly devour it, and then again the wait began until finally the series was over and I am done. I have read them all and completed the journey. I have cried, I have screamed and I have laughed along with Dare and Ree as they struggled to calm their individual demons so that they could have their own Happy Ever After.

I often wondered who was worse, her controlling family, the perfect little Stepfords as they tried to control and manipulate her into being what they wanted so that it could benefit them. Seriously what kind of parents ignore a teenage being raped because it was good for them politically? Who constantly belittles their daughter because she won’t go to law school? Always criticizing her choice of clothing, friends or her lifestyle. No wonder she never wanted to speak to them, I would not either.

Then there was his father, who had abused the family for years and was holding murderous secrets over the head of Dare. He was so scared of this man physically and mentally that he would continue to move his mother and siblings around secretly so that they could have a some what normal life. Who would not be scared of a man that orchestrates a bomb and blows up all of Dare’s art. And then he shoots Rex, and kidnaps Ree. Not to give out any spoilers but it was not a pleasant reunion.

It seems that these two lovers have been to hell and back already. I honestly think that it is time for them to be able to strictly focus on themselves and finally be happy. There are still some things that need to be settled. The relationship between both sets are parents will be ended. It will not be the way any one is thinking. Their will be help from unbelievable sources. Jackson the rapist will finally get confronted as well.

Whether or not it is time for their HEA, well that question will only be answered by reading the book. I have loved this series from the beginning. I think Dare and Ree were so very true to life. Their struggles made me love them more. I loved the way that the authors allowed us into the lives of both sets of families as well. I was surprised at the ending revolving around Ree’s family members. I loved it. I thought this series had the perfect amount of emotional crises, intrigue, suspense and plenty of drama and mystery. The sex scenes were smoking hot and there was the right amount of them. This story was truly a love story, a love journey and I enjoyed every page. I would rate this story a 5/5 and if at the end you read the Acknowledgements and see the name Monica- hey that’s ME!!!!

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