Sunday 22 June 2014



Ryan Ringbloom

This is the second story that I have read by this author. The first "Flaw" I found absolutely riveting and I was anxious to get started on this one.

Kent and Robin were a couple a few years back but due to Robin getting spooked and leaving town they have not seen each other in a bit. The wedding of Ashley and Patrick brings them back in each other’s lives again.

Now during their time apart it seems that Miss Robin was not having an easy time of it. She fought the fight with cancer. She did win but at a cost. A terrible cost in her mind. She can no longer conceive or carry a child and this she believes makes her unworthy of lover.

"I can no longer give Kent perfect."

Good thing Kent doesn’t want perfect, he wants Robin. The rest of their lives will fall into place as long as they have one another. It is a hard sell for Robin is stubborn and so very filled with self doubt. After seeing a gay couple with their daughter she realizes that not all families are made the traditional way, that maybe love could conquer all.

Shayna is an eighteen year old girl that has taken the bus to Florida to live with her cousin . Unfortunately she is more concerned with her boyfriend and a lonely Shayna spends an unforgettable evening with Bailey that results in a pregnancy. She thus begins a heart wrenching nine month jouney. Working as many hours as possible to afford her tiny empty apartment and scared to death about how to raise a child.

I can’t say enough about how strong this girl was, with all that live kept throwing her she still kept on going. She had me feeling for her from the first page and absolutely bawling by the last page. She had a tremendous character.

Ryan Ringbloom does an amazing job of telling the adoption story from both sides, but Shayna’s story and her strength was awe inspiring. It was written with amazing insight and tremendous depth of feeling. I would rate this story a 5/5, higher if I possibly could. I think it is a perfect love story for all ages. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

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  1. Wonderful review!! Thank you so much! Panic is very close to my heart. It was important to me to capture Shayna's strength and I'm so happy that came across in the story as you read. ❤Ryan