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This is the second novel in The Breeder Series. It runs true to Cara Bristol style, funky alien story line, amazing plot line and lots of hot sex.

Tara works at a textile booth in the local market and it is here that she is discovered by Marlix as he is buying some of her special fabric to use for new uniforms. After she is accosted by others and hurt in an attempted gang rape attempt, Marlix literally picks her up and takes her away. He holds her captive in order to heal her, and of course because he finds himself attracted to her.

I loved him dominant attitude and how he does not hesitate to discipline her is she gets out of line.

Not only is this story a really good love story but there is a lot of political back ground story going on as well. We learned a bit about the planet's history and problems in Breeder and it was interesting to see how it was expanded on in this story.

Not wanting to give more of the story line away but I will say that Alpha Marlix and his beta Urazi's whole life and the way that they live will be changed once Tara becomes part of their lives. Their views on others in society will also not only be challanged but possibly their whole outlook on other races will be subject to change. The world as they know is on the verge of change and war is imminent. It will take a whole lot of smarts and some very intelligent thinking to bring about peace.

I very much enjoyed reading both of these stories. I find that Cara Bristol has a great imagination and her stories are very easy to read. She captivates me from page one. I would rate this story a 4.5/5.

Thoughts on the book by the author, herself, Cara Bristol

Terran: When aliens take control.....

By Cara Bristol

Sometims what I know about the books I write isn't as significant as what my characters do on their own.
When I conceived the idea Terran, The second book in the Breeder sci-fi romance, I alread had the heroine and hero
picked out. I'd introduced them in the first book: Tara Diehl, a pink-haired vendor in the Terran Bazarr of the Parseon Market, and Marlix, a pseudo villian who hates the Earth people and wishes they'd all return to their planet.

But I knew that Marlix wasn't the bad guy he's believed him to be.

I knew that the alien Parseon society needed to progress toward the grand finale I have in mind for book three (Warrior).

I knew that Tara would be injured and would convalesce at Marlix's underground bunker home. (This would be a major plot point that would allow the hero and heroine to draw closer together.)

What I didn't know was how to get Tara to Marlix's domicile.
By what means would a lowly female Terran vendor end up at the home of one of the five ruling Alpha's? This would be
like grocery store checker being installed in the Lincoln bedroom of the White House.

In typical pantser-fashion, I decided to wing it and started writing the book without having this tiny detail settled. I set up the meeting between Marlix and Tara. She sells bullet-proof material. He wants it for uniforms to protect his personal gurard force, but he loathes having to deal with a Terrna-particularly a female one.

But when he meets Tara, to his surprise, he's attracted to her. He finds her amusing.

And when stuff happens (you'll have to read the book to find out what). Tara is injured.

And Marlix kidnaps her!

I had no idea he was going to do that. I should have. It makes perfect sense. He's an Alpha Commander with a strong sense of entitlement. As he tells Tara, " I win. Always." When he sees what he wants, he takes it.

And that's how Terran becomes a capture romance.

Maybe I should have given Marlix co-author credit.

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