Sunday 15 June 2014


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This is the final part of the Thyme Trilogy and I have to say WOW what a journey this has been. It has been an emotional roller coaster for me, I mean who cares about what the characters were going throught! We met Miranda/Mia in Buying Thyme when she was an upscale call girl struggling between her attraction to two men, Joe Tench the crime boss and supposed millionaire Tom Smythe.

In book two Making Thyme Miranda/Mia gets a job makeover courtesty of her brother and Tom Smythe who is really Australian FBI agent Nick Davis. Her job of course, is to bring down Tom Smythe. This was an action packed story as they race against time to do this. Tom and Mia fall hopelessly in love as they work closely together. Unfortunately Tom is fatally injured in a training exercise and Mia must face life without him.

Keeping Thyme is the continuation of her efforts to bring down Joe Tench, she embeds herself into his life, moving in with him, sleeping with him and planting bugs everwhere she can for the FBI. She thought this was going to be easy, but she has deep feelings for Joe. He has dominating sexual desires and this calls out to the submissive in her. They have frequent hot and steamy sex, they are always together and he is totally infatuated with her. He is in love with her. He gets a tattoo " Alis volat propiis." meaning "she flies with her own wings" in honor of her. There is a familiarity about the house and the bedroom that calls out to her, she belongs there.

And then, "Will you be my wife?"

Good vs evil, does Mia have the inner strength to complete the mission, to bring down the notorious crime boss Joe Trench, he is of course an evil man, he is involved in evil activities. Bringing him down would be the best for man kind, we just have to hope that her pesky emotions don't get in the way and her large diamond doesn't weigh her hands and thoughts down.

The ending totally caught me off guard, it went in directions that I did not see coming. I loved the first book, was okay with the second but I must say that the third was the best. I would definately rated this series a 5/5 and recommend to all romance and crime readers out there!

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