Sunday 1 June 2014

Escaped Artist

(Untamed Series #3)

This story was given to me in exchange for an hones review.

I thoroughly enjoyed Untamed and Out Of Control. I found the writing to be riveting and very easy to enjoy. These were real people in this story that are not perfect and are struggling to find their niche in life. For Reagan she is actually trying to find herself.

Out of Control has Dare leaving town after witnessing Archer propose to Ree. Amazingly Reagan stands up to her parents this time and takes control of her life and her destiny.

Now she just needs to find Dare again, in Amsterdam. Dare has been working as a tattoo artist and this is where she finds him by chance on night as she attempts to get her Phoenix, her personal talisman tattooed on herself. This she thinks will prove to Dare how serious she is about him and only him. They are unable to deny the love they have for one another.This is where the writing turns brillian, we know that Ree has issues with alcohol and prescription drugs. Now Dare is taking control to help her deal with this problem and the issues behind it. These are very touching scenes as Dare's Mom has been battling addiction for years.

Finally it looks like thing might be turning around for this couple. They are both happy. They are together, in the same city, their connection on the bed sheets is both frequent and combustable. They are both thriving, Ree has dealt with her demons, she is finally clean and Dare is getting the itch to paint again.

But wait, more trouble is on the horizon, I am sure the Daddy Dearest must be behind it again. This time it is Dare's past that is threatening to cause havoc. Will it be able to? We are once again left with an amazing end that had me pulling hair out. Evilness. A 5/5 again. Awesoness.

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