Sunday 5 October 2014

The Unexpected Trilogy: Complete Collection (Unexpected, #1-3)

The Unexpected Trilogy
by:Amity Cross

This story was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review by The Book Enthusiast.

“Real life isn’t like the movies.”

“Each day is an uphill battle to keep your head from going under and drowning in the current of monotony.”

Blair Hayden is bored in her life. She is looking for a little spice, a little sexual adventure and she decides to seek out a one night stand. No names, no numbers, just sex. At the bar “Dark” her wish comes true and she has an unforgettable night with a stranger that she dubs “Dark and Dangerous.” West is the guy at the bar that night, a famous musician and he really likes the fact that she does not seem to know who he is.

She finds out soon enough, as she has tickets to go see the band play. West and Blair soon strike up a relationship. He has been addicted to the fast moving life of rock stars before and he is now struggling to be in a normal relationship.

She lost her parents as a child and finds it difficult to open up to anyone. She usually only does short term romance and has never really been in love.

His tour scheduale is demanding for this new couple. It is hard to put up with all the tour stress and try to get to know one another better. They really jumped into things. There are some true feelings there but there will be a lot of baggage and history and outside interference to wade through before any sort of future can be decided upon.
These are two lovers that have already had more than their share of heartbreak in the past and I for one am hoping for a happy ever after ending for them both. It will be difficult as they come from totally different childhoods, have different views and values on money and have different outlooks and needs on life. I would rate this story a 4/5.

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