Saturday 24 May 2014


After getting lost in the forest and hearing some rustling, thinking the worst- a large bear, but in all actuality probably only a much smaller animal, Hailey Genest and her friend Tori Burns decide that going on a hunting adventure was not their best idea. Thankfully they soon run into Matt Barnett, a Game Warden who has been vacationing in the woods. He is not a sight for sore eyes in his flannel shirt, disgusting fishing hat, overly long hair and unshaven face. Thankfully he knows the woods and has them led to safety shortly.

Hailey is a librarian and soon she is hosting an ATV safety course and surprise---- Matt is helping out. Only thing is now he has on clean clothes, freshly shaved face and a haircut. Yummy. She is still a little annoyed about him poking fun at them in their moment of need and the two of them continue to trade verbal jabs.

She is everything that he does not want. A city girl. He wants someone who is not afraid to get dirty, to have some honest fun. She prefers drinking wine, theatre and nice dinners. They are total opposites.

He rents the house next to her. Oh, Oh, that means a lot of contact and these two have some serious chemistry for not liking one another. She steals glances of him through her window, Damn he looks good shirtless. She brings him a sheppards pie to welcome him to the neighbourhood and stays to eat it with him.

Against all odds he takes her on a date. A 4:30 a.m. date to observe the moose. It was beautiful and they kiss. The kiss leads to more and soon they are storming up the sheets.

But he has alot of baggage. He has been hurt by a city girl before and is unable to get past it. She is willing to be his country girl if she can still partake in city things some of the time. A true relationship should be give and take right? Let's hope that Matt is able to comes to grips with his past, to let go and live his life. In the meantime I suggest reading this book. It was a really sweet story. I would rate it a 5/5 and would definately read more by this author.

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