Thursday 8 May 2014



Christina Hoffman

This story was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.

Studying to be a nurse takes up all of Madison Spencer's time. She studies hard and is working hard at school. And since the incident a few years ago with an ex-boyfriend she dresses in loose baggy clothes and avoids all interaction with the opposite sex. Her best friend and roommate Chloe is all that she has. Until she sees Liam. She is instantly attracted to him and finds herself feeling things that she never thought to feel again.

Dr. Liam Nelson works at the hospital where Madison is studying and they end up spending alot of time together. He starts a relationship with her that is supposed to be based soley on fun and living. There will be no other expectations, just to enjoy each day. He kisses her and they enjoy each other. He lets her take charge of the relationship and allows her to set the pace for the kissing and whatever comes next. It is exactly what she needs to regain her confidence in herself and the male species.

She tells him her deepest secrets and he continues to love her. She grows through her work at the hospital learning things both on a medical and personal level. It is great to see her finally open up after her devatating crisis and finally start reliving her life. Her insecurities do threaten to come up and interfere in her life and you must read the story to see how this plays out.

I thought this was a beautifuly love story. It was simply written and very easy to read. It was believable and had me eagerly turning the pages. There was lots of loving and the sex scenes were well done and not overdone. These characters were deep and their relationship was built on more than just sex. When they experience problems I found myself crying with them and hoping for a happy ever after ending. I really enjoyed all aspects of this story and would love to read more from this author. I would rate this story a solid 5/5.

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  1. Dear Monica,

    Thank you so much for this very kind and thoughtful review. You've made my whole week.

    I just wanted to mention that Madison is actually a medical student. I probably didn't make that clear enough -- a lesson for next time!

    Thank you again, so much.