Sunday 29 June 2014

Then Came You

Jill Shalvis

This was book number 5 in the Animal Magnetism Series, each a sweet love story involving a side dose of animals. Always very well done and this one was certainly true to form.

Emily Stevens has just finished Vet school and is so close to her dream job of practicing in LA, it has been all that she has been thinking about. However, a little rip in the plans and she finds herself in Sunshine Idaho for a year working out the obiligations from her scholarship.

Dr. Wyatt Stone is the other vet on staff. Wearing his country clothes of boots and jeans he instantly clashed with Emily in her designer suit. But the animals must come first. Emily finds herself delivering a baby sheep her first day. Not sure if the dry-cleaning can help that suit.

After a rough start things start to look better for Emily and Wyatt as they begin a romantic relationship. Emily carries around a calendar in her purse counting down the days until she can more her dream job in LA a reality.

This story will appeal to all for some many reasons, first of course the chemistry and the romance between Emily and Wyatt is smoking. I loved how she becomes a little bit more relaxed and country as she begins to settle in. I also enjoyed his sisters Zoe and Darcy. I loved the amount of background given on them and thought they contribuated greatly to the story. Emily also lives with her sister Sara.

There is romance, some mysterious neighbours, loving and arguing siblings and plenty of stray animals to love. I thought this book was fast paced and very easy to read. It captured my interest from the first page straight through to the last. I think it would appeal to all age groups and for anyone that simply loves to read a great story. 5/5.

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