Monday 23 June 2014

Hell’s Kitty (Welcome to Hell)

Eve Langlais

This is the fourth story in the Welcome to Hell series and in true Eve Langlais style it was a great read. Full of imagination. We had gotten to know some of these characters before and it was great to be reconnected again.

Felipe is always getting into trouble and this time Lucifer has a little bit of an interesting assignment as a punishment for him. He needs to go to Siren’s Isle and bring back the siren Jenny. Now she is being raised by her foster aunts and is not your regular siren. As a matter of fact when she signs she manages to kill things as her voice is terrible. She was born to a mermaid mother who abandoned her because she did not have a tail. Poor Jenny is a misfit.

Now this job is not going easy for Felipe because as much as Lucifer wants her forces out there want to keep her away and there are many battles along the journey. Including some scary undines, a large cyclone and some hungry sea creatures.

Felipe and Jenny make some new friends and allies but meet many enemies and are even reunited with a very old enemy.

The sexual tension is instantaneous and explosive between them. We, the reader are anxious to see their relationship consummated.

Now Eve Langlais can tell a great story and this one has all the necessary parts. There is romance, action and some mystery as the battles pose many questions as to the future of the two new love birds and what is the destiny of Jenny.

I would rate this story a 5/5

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