Thursday 5 June 2014


I’d do anything to keep my mother alive.

Anything, including ask Ian Kerr for help. I don’t know much about him, except that he has more money than some small countries. And he’s willing to spend it on me. Just one catch: there’s a string attached, and not just the one I feel pulling me into his arms and his bed. There’s also the plan for revenge he wants my help with.

Every time he says my name, it makes my body shiver and my heart stutter. I know he’s going to wreck me, know there won’t be anything left of me but lust and sensation by the time he’s done with me, but even though I can see the heartbreak coming towards me like a train, ready to crash into me, I can’t get out of the way. I want what he makes me feel. Want what he’s offering.

This may have started out as something to save my mother, but now…now it’s about what he makes me feel. I’m in danger of losing everything that’s important. Worse? Ian's whispered words and hot caresses are making me believe that's okay


This is the second story that I have read by Jen Frederick and I must say that her writing just keeps getting better. This was a riveting story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I needed to stay up into the wee hours so that I could read it all. And then I learn there will be more. A part two. Pulling my hair out.

"I'd do anything to keep my mother alive."

Sure we all say things like that, even believe it, but I wonder how far many of us would be willing to go. Cancer was killing Sophie Corielli and that was the pledge that her daughter Victoria "Tiny" was making. She is serious in her statement. She gives up her apartment to move into her mother and is working two jobs as a bicycle delivery person to make ends meet. When that does not cover all the bills, she enlists the help of her step-brother Malcolm who has her delivering less than ideal packages.

During one of these deliveries she meets Ian Kerr, a millionaire that is in needs of some special help. A mystery. He won't divuldge exactly what he needs help with. But the attraction between them is there. He helps with her mother, takes them to the zoo, takes them to lunch and arranges for a new apartment.

Victoria finds herself willing to do anything and everything for this man. Her mother is calm and happy. She is very heated just being near him. But, that is not exactly the job that he had in mind. he wants something a little more interesting, help per se in a business deal.

This story had me eagerly turning pages to experience the progression in the romance between Victoria and Ian. I loved his character, he was so charming, and sure of himself. I also laughed at his body guard Steve, he was such an added bonus, always there, always glaring at someone. Victoria has such a heart of gold and cares deeply for her mother, basically making her the centre of her life during her illness. I just loved everyone in this book, even slimey Malcolm.

While I hated the fact that there is a part two, I loved the fact that I get to read more. I would rate this story a 5/5.

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