Thursday 12 June 2014

Jase (Men of Steel, #1)


Book 1, Men of Steel.

Carly has led a sheltered life. She is still a virgin. She is hanging out with her brother Cameron and cousin Abe for the summer when she meets bad boy Jase. He awakens feelings in her that are new and exciting. Jase has his nipple pierced, tattoos and a Prince Albert. It takes a while for her to find out what that exactly is, and provides many a blushed cheek.

Carly goes away to college in the fall and they begin a long distance telephone romance. He does manage to go down there for Thanksgiving and they spend an amazing night together, stopping just before having sex. He meets her mom and her friends in the book club. But the next morning some devastating news has him rushing back home and ending things with her.

This begins the roller coaster of their two lives. Jase has other priorities now but still makes time to talk to Carly on the phone. She spends time with her friend Brad but her heart still belongs to Chase.

Circumstances throw them together time and again and it will be interesting if they succumb to the sexual tension between them. Will the other people in his life prove to be too demanding of Jase's time? Will Carly find peace with her estranged father? Will the feelings that they have for one another be strong enough to withstand all these obstacles and allow them to consumate their love.

I loved how innocent Carly was but then found the strength to be strong and carry on whe she was dealt some harsh blows. She really believes in her love for Jase but also realizes that her emotional well being is equally important. Jase's love for his family and his desire to live up to his responsiblities makes him an amazing person. I am hoping for a happy ever after for these two and am looking forward to reading more about them. I would rate this story a 4/5.

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