Monday 19 May 2014


This is the second story in the Preyfinders series. Here we get to meet a few more characters and catch up a little bit with Jadd and Brittany from Precious Sacrifice.

This segment follows a few different story lines. At the beginning we are introduced to Talia, she is Brittany's sister and she is desparately searching for her. Brittany seems to have disappeared and Talia wants to know where she is. Brask is the sexy alien that she keeps running into and who seems to know something about her sister. He keeps trying to zap her and erase her memories of their meetings but she keeps hunting him. She can sense him.

Stom has been awarded a Pet for his many years of good service. Unfortunately he has been married before and it is this true long of Nasskia that has him fighting this new gift. Her name is Willow, she has some serious bad guys after her. Stom and Willow have some serious sex as they start to form a bond and as Stom struggles to keep Willow safe and away from danger. Willow lives with her cousin Ally and feels it is her duty to protect Ally.

The evil forces, Bak-lal are alive and well and in control of some interesting Nerve Chewers that they use to take control of the humans they have captured. They want Ally and Willow as they believe them to have some witch-like powers.

The hunt is on. Evil is looking for the girls, Stom is desparate to protect the one that he is starting to feel something for, and Talia is also searching for Brask as he has the answers about her sister.

In true Cari Silverwood style the story is gripping on every page. The plot speeds along nicely and obstacles are thrown up constantly. Evil has quite a few tricks to show and it is certainly a race to protect everyone. If Evil does win it could be the end of Earth. Suspense, drama, good vs evil and some hot steamy sex thrown in. Definately all the makings of a good story. And to think there are so many unanswered questions at the end, makes you really want to get the next installment, and soon. I would rate this story 5/5.

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