Friday 16 May 2014

Out of Control (Untamed, #2)


This is the second story in this six part series. The first part Untamed left us with a cliffhanger ending as Reagan lies in a hospital bed after a drug overdose and denies knowing Dare Wilde to her family. This of course is done to protect him from her father.But Dare does not realize this and he leaves the country.

Three years later Reagan is in Paris working for an Art Studio and she meets up with Dare again by chance. He has not forgiven her for breaking his heart and will barely talk to her. She is determined that she will not let go this time and uses everything that she has to spend time with him again. Dare is the only one that makes her feel alive and the only thing that she wants is to be with him.

I was quite anxious to read this story I found the first part to be very gripping. Reagan is the poor little rich girl to the extreme. She has it all, the drug and alcohol dependancies, the usage of sex to blur the lines and the out of control parents. Her father is still trying to pull all the cards, both with financial support, verbal abuse and emotional blackmail. I loved how positively evil his character is made out to be. Her mother is vapid and her siblings remind me of little Stepford Wives.

Reagan has a tonne of spirit and we witness more of that spunk in this chapter of the series as she sets out to show Dare how much he really means to her and how sorry she is for what happened before. She thinks that since she is an ocean away from her controlling family that she is able to live her life the way that she wants to. NOT! After another surprise ending, I find myself once again anxiously awaiting the next part. Amazing story. 5/5 stars by me.

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