Friday 4 April 2014

Naughty Bits, Part I: The Lingerie Shop

This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. This is part one of the new series by Joey W. Hill. I have loved her books for a while and was intrigued by this flirty cover.

Madison has had multiple fantasies of loosing control, about being dominated and experiencing the thud of a flogger. When her sister Alice dies and leaves her a lingerie shop she is eager for a new start. She quickly jumps right in to the retail business. It does not take her long to realize that in order to make a go of things she must connect with her customers on a level that they understand and appreciate. She must know her products. In order for this to happen she needs to look deep inside herself and admit her inner most wants and needs.

Logan is the owner and the hardware store next door. He is also the Training Master at the Local Dungeon. He conducts training lessons on Troy who is also working with him. Before she died Alice told Logan that she was giving him her sister Madison, that she was the one for him. Needless to say he is intrigued.

This portion of the story is reall just a teaser, it introduces us to the three main characters and lays the ground work for what is possible. It establishes that there is an attraction between Madison and Logan and then lets our imagination run wild. Logan is now starring in Madison's fantasies. I loved it. It was a great beginning. It accomplished what it set out to do. Hook up and reel us in, leave us hanging and waiting until the next part. Well done. 5.5.

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