Monday 14 April 2014

The cover of this book made me take a second look, the blurb spiked my curiosity and away I went.

Sometime you get a book that just makes you sit back and say, Huh, I really enjoyed that. This is one of those books. It is just all about fate.

Lauren Jeffries has gotten her promotion. She is set to enjoy her new life, even if it is a few hours away from long time boyfriend Eric, they have done long distance before. They will be fine.

She quickly finds a place to live and her new friend and roommate is home designer Blake. A frequent visitor to their house is her brother Matthew. The three of them become fast and true friends as they find that they share past personal events, it bonds them closer together.

Eric and Lauren try to make time for each other, but the distance just seems to point out the differences that have always been there. Eric sends her roses, and inpersonal cards when Lauren wants more, she wants declarations of love.

Matthew is sweeet, and kind and loving, but oh so very off the table, he is unobtainable, but he comforts her when Eric hurts her with his supposed indifference.But Eric has been around for years, she just needs to work harder on things.

Poor Lauren is so very confused. What does she want? who does she want? Watch out for a cliffhanger of an ending here. I had to rush right out and get the next story so all my questions would be answered.

Will Eric step up to the plate and prove that he is the man for her? Will Matthew ever make a move? Or is he too much of a gentleman to step in on another man’s girl?

I thought that the author did a great job on this story. I felt all of Lauren’s pain as Eric proved over and over again to be a dink and left Matthew holding the pieces. Helping Lauren as only a best friend could. It was not wonder that she thinks she feels something for him. I am hoping for a happy ending here. I am just not sure with what guy. Do I want her to try for Matthew or do I want Eric to step up and be the man she deserves? Dilemna, dilemna, 5/5 for sure. The suspense was amazing. The feelings were great and the friendship between the girls was very well done. I also loved the character of Lauren’s father.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review! I'm glad that you enjoyed it.